Portal 2
恒久的試験構想の拠点、Aperture Laboratoriesへようこそ。Portal2のコミュニティーによる、コミュニティーのためのテストチャンバーを、気軽に作り、共有し、プレイしてください。あなたの役目を果たしてください! 科学に貢献しましょう!
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Gelocity Maps
コレクション作成者 profile
Коллекция из испытаний для одиночного и кооперативного режимов. В них вы будете чевствовать себя как на гонке, а кооперативный режим рознообразит игру созтизанием между друзьями. A collection of tests for single and cooperative modes. In them you will
5 ExtraTests
コレクション作成者 Extragamer
4 тест камер сделанных в игровом редкаторе.
No portals. Just Jumps
コレクション作成者 James
Various kinds of jumps. Contains 5 maps, 2 easy, 1 medium, 1 hard, and 1 very hard. The maps do not use portals but instead timing and creative use of strafing and jump tactics. Lots of speed gel :) Very hard map just added (simple tasks but very hard to
Pure Intellect
コレクション作成者 AM
https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ji7kvprav9mc3p/pilogo.png?raw=1 Welcome to the Pure Intellect Saga. GLaDOS has sent you (as the clever test subject Chell) into the bowels of Aperture as a way to dispose of you. Staggering your way throu
Eight Mappack - Sober (Part 2)
コレクション作成者 autoxy
コレクション作成者 RectorRocks
Midnight is a seven map mappack that revolves around Chell and an unknown character as GLaDOS puts her to testing. Each level have their own achievements and ends with a post-game report, that shows which achievements were obtained and the time taken to co
Subject Z
コレクション作成者 doctorhitts
Here's a collection of all the Subject Z maps I have created. There really is no story, or order they should be played in, they're just listed chronologically from when I created them. Some were experimental and I named them as such. I hope you enjoy
Escape from Aperture
コレクション作成者 Hunter
As GLaDOS regains full control of the facility the only way to escape is to play along. Complete the testing courses and find the way out starting from the Cave Johnson Era of Aperture make it to the current and gain your freedom.
Mine World
コレクション作成者 Forgeman_88
HCC Hammer Concept Collection
コレクション作成者 Chtack
Welcome, A collection of maps 100% Hammer Maps independent, can be played in random order. Bienvenue, Une collection de maps 100% Hammer Maps indépendantes, peuvent être joué dans le désordre. chtack I count on you to put stars on my collectio
Portal 2: The Aftermath
コレクション作成者 Spamfan
Portal 2: The Aftermath, is a Portal 2 workshop collection which introduces to the player events that might occur after the singleplayer campaign ends. Offering at least one entire hour of mind-boggling gameplay, challenging you to use Portals
The Lemon Files
コレクション作成者 Acid Regulation
Join Cave Johnson in his search for new ways to make more money... (Besides the profits he makes with Aperture, which you are still testing for) ----------------------------------------- Made with BEEmod and Hammer. -------------------------------
The Best of Demon Arisen (25+ Fun & Logical Puzzles)
コレクション作成者 Demon Arisen
A collection of my very best fun and logical test chambers, in order from easiest to hardest. Bear in mind that "best" doesn't necessarily mean "really difficult" - in fact, the first few are quite easy to gradually get you used to my way of thinking - but
Old chambers
コレクション作成者 BEN 77
Single Portal Chambers
コレクション作成者 Tmast98
Solve various test chambers using the Mono-Portal Gun *Background Photo By Valve (Found in Portal 2 The Offical Guide)
Friends Forever
コレクション作成者 Đ.Va
In this co-operative set of tests will be reviewed by the power of friendship. How much important is friendship with the passage of these cameras, you learn right now!
Aperture: Revelations
コレクション作成者 Buddy
Current stage: ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Timeline: Permutations: [ ✘ ] Development Starts ( ON HOLD ) [ ✘ ] Development Stage ( ON HOLD ) [ ✘ ] Deployment Stage ( Plan
Portal Ergonomy
コレクション作成者 La Petite Magicienne
Full Inspiration Maps Difficulty : Medium - Hard Enjoy ! And please rate the collection :)
Pneumatic Diversity vent testing initative
コレクション作成者 Mami Tomoe
This is a collection of test, using the Pneumatic Diversity vent, a planed testing-element. Valve removed it in last minute, I dont know why :( Note: I haven't made this maps, I only searched for them.
TimeTOdie - Special Chamber Series
コレクション作成者 TimeTOdie
This is a collection of my special chambers. Every chamber has at least four puzzles. Some chambers are so big that they are seperated into two parts. Have fun!
Multi-Purpose Chambers
コレクション作成者 starminers1996
Medium Difficulty Coop Maps
コレクション作成者 DrFauli
Medium Difficulty Coop Maps - created by DrFauli
My Single Player Favorites
コレクション作成者 wildgoosespeeder
Original Location of My Favorites These maps are so good,
GmodVk Collection
コレクション作成者 Skap
Коллекция участников группы vk.com/garrysmod
I'm Special Introduction - Complete
コレクション作成者 RelativePierce
A refreshing collection of test where creativity is the key to the solution. These test requires a new way of thinking comparing to what portal already taught you. They are probably challenging and I do not promise they are super fun, but I do promise they
コレクション作成者 Grameir
Vertical tests. Not too hard, not too easy,
The Highly Confounding Halolz Testing Initiative for Gentlemanly Portal Placers
コレクション作成者 StacMaster-S
The official collection of Halolz community test chambers! Are you a Halolz regular? Submit your levels to our Steam group today! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/halolz-portal
Solid Science series
コレクション作成者 SlimyMelon
This list contains all of the maps in my Portal 2 series 'Solid Science'
Rozar's Chambers
コレクション作成者 ATF_Rozar \*/ OVW
Series 1 of my Portal Chambers.
The Talos Principle - Testchambers
コレクション作成者 €in€r vØn vi€l€n
- The Talos Principle - This collection contains all sorts of my testchambers, which are inspired by the first-/thirdperson puzzle-adventure game "The Talos Principle". It features Lasers, Cube-Button-Basics, Turrets and more, to let the puzzles from TTP
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