Portal 2
Mappe della comunità. Per la scienza.
Benvenuto ai Laboratori Aperture, sede dell'Iniziativa di Test Perpetuo. Crea, condividi e gioca le camere di test create da e per la comunità di Portal 2. Fai la tua parte! Contribuisci alla scienza!
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Flametusk & ℳadeye
Collezione di ℳadeye
Collaberatively made maps from ℳadeye and Flametusk. Most often Flametusk will be responsible for the puzzle, and ℳadeye responsible for the hammer work.
Collezione di SunnyOst
JK, You Lose :( Because when it comes to my maps, there are no winners.* Would You like a very boring map? Would You like a very annoying map? Maybe You would like to die a lot? How about repeating the same thing over and over again until You give up?
pool puzzle
Collezione di _streptokok_
NOTE: THE SERIES ISN'T COMPLETE YET. Pool puzzle is a series of challenging and high quallity puzzles like almost any other puzzle in the portal 2 community test chambers. BUT WAIT! There is a catch! all of those puzzles is happening above a dangerous p
Track Aether Bravo - Inspired Maps
Collezione di Intense [] Last
These maps are inspired by or inspire VeTI locations (or tests) but not in it. The background is Abandoned (EP15) inspired by Track Aether Bravo - Test 2/7 for example
GLADoS's scraped tests
Collezione di Slapsfaceonkeyboard
(note: the image was just there so i had one, it means nothing) The test series i made where i had to use the in game creator and make 10 tests some harder than the last, some on the same level, and some are mixed, have fun!
Sheet Surprise
Collezione di Sheethead
Some unique and challenging Portal 2 maps. Created by Sheethead Tested by §†ig, skyjoo, and BSrimrider118 Enjoy and I'm sorry
Fumbly Bumbly's Puzzlemaker Chambers
Collezione di Fumbly Bumbly
A collection of all the maps I've made in Puzzlemaker.
Collezione di quakerfly
Portal: After Hours
Collezione di ABNT @PortalAfterHour
Portal: After Hours is a full length single player campaign set in-between the events of the first and second Portal games. The first half is planned for workshop release on August 15th, 2018! Join for more info or questions: https://discord.gg/G2ArYd9
best of 2017
Collezione di quaternary
My personal favorite/most memorable maps from 2017
Hardest Maps I've Found
Collezione di KennKong
These are the most difficult maps I've found. They can be hard to figure out, hard to play, or are just plain devious. I have completed every one of these, so none of them are impossible. Don't blame me, blame the creators!
My Best Maps
Collezione di Gigopler
The maps of mine that are considered my best, ordered alphabetically.
New chamber
Collezione di Alexter
Weird Chambers - Rickperture
Collezione di Edward_shooter
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! (translation: I am in great joy. Please subscribe.)
Portal 1 co-op
Collezione di zheka_100500
Portal 1 for co-op
Tuleby´s maps
Collezione di tuleby (CZ)
All my tests
[COOP] Beyond Imagination
Collezione di DrFauli
Beyond Imagination - think outside of the box! What might look like a paradox at first, can be solved in another more complex way. - map series with estimated difficulty: hard - no ninja skills and no strafe jumps needed - no bugusing, no gli
PC Gamer: Best Portal 2 Co-Op Maps
Collezione di Aradalf
PC Gamer's top Portal 2 co-op maps, available here: pcgamer.com/2012/11/17/the-10-best-portal-2-co-op-maps/
Portals Through Time
Collezione di Setin
================== Portals Through Time ================== Game: Portal 2 Created by: Austin 'Setin' House Made in the Hammer Editor Face new challenges and solve interesting puzzles with the addition of Time Travel! Go back and forth between the
Best SinglePlayer Maps
Collezione di [ n/a ]
I know it's a lot but these are all, in my opinion, great quality single player maps.
Portal Era : The Adventure
Collezione di La Petite Magicienne
Hammer Adventure Final Version -- Medium Difficulty -- 1h - 2h - Autosave =============== Story =============== Place : Aperture Center Year : Unknown You wake up in a strange room, without portalgun. Try to escape this place and find a way to the
Pneumatic Diversity Tests
Collezione di Nobi-Knobi
In Pneumatic Diversity Tests you start in a brand new Testing-Track just finished and partly under construction. While you are the first testsubject that is exploring the new chambers, you have to make your way through the Pneumatic Diversity Tests, a r
[COOP] Hakuna Matata
Collezione di DrFauli
Hakuna Matata - "no worries"; - map series with estimated difficulty: medium/hard - no ninja skills needed - you do not have to die to solve these maps - if you lose your portals, it is easy to get them back Over the past years I have spe
[COOP] This is Teamwork
Collezione di DrFauli
This map-series has been completely reworked on 29. June 2017 [7 maps] • 3 new maps have been added • 4 existing maps have been updated, reworked and improved • gameplay improvements and bugfixes (including engine related bugs) • I strongly reco
Collezione di Enderlux
https://i.imgur.com/X2wFy4X.png FAQ How do I play these maps? Press the Subscribe to all button below this description. Then start up your Portal 2 and go to Community Test Chambers ► Play Single Player Cham
Original Portal: Still Alive
Collezione di Fat Ninja Walrus
The first Portal is still alive! This collection contains all twenty courses from the first Portal, remade for Portal 2. I started working on this project the very first day they released the PETI, my goal being to recreat the original courses to the best
Collezione di BEN 77
Diversity Mappack
Collezione di ColorCubeMan
A mappack containing 4 tests in which the player will solve some GLaDOS chambers, escape from her facility and explore the old Aperture Science.
Designed for Danger Campaign
Collezione di Puddy
|| ABOUT || Designed for Danger (www.designedfordanger.com) is a Portal 2 Campaign that offers eight new levels and 1 to 2 hours of play time. In the campaign, you assume the role of Chell during an early part of Portal 2. This time however, things
Moonbase Luna-C
Collezione di Catsy
Somewhere in the Multiverse, in another Aperture not too different from ours, an intern working on the Conversion Gel project had a stroke of inspiration: if moon rock is such a great portal conductor, why not open a portal on the Moon and get it ourselves
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