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Benvenuto ai Laboratori Aperture, sede dell'Iniziativa di Test Perpetuo. Crea, condividi e gioca le camere di test create da e per la comunità di Portal 2. Fai la tua parte! Contribuisci alla scienza!
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Funky's Tests
Collezione di FunkyPixie
This is a bunch of Tests I made Enjoy
Portal Maps/Mods
Collezione di Sedna
This is will I will give mods, maps, hints, tips, and how to's for portal 2!
Cooperative Unthemed Levels
Collezione di TheSkeletalPsycho
This is a collection of every cooperative test I have made that isn't themed around one particular element.
Best portal maps
Collezione di VineBiter!
Some of the best.
Test, Test, Tests!!
Collezione di < blank >
Chambers for Singleplayer This collection contains chambers I made. (Numberised in the order of making) シングルプレイヤー向けチャンバー 自作チャンバーをまとめてあります(ナンバリングは作成順にされています)
Test Track 01 Series
Collezione di Metaljaw #Frontline | trade.tf
Test 1 and 2: Basics Test 3: Flip Excursion Test 4: Sneaking Behind Enemy Lines Test 5: A-Bridged Test 6: Make a Mess, Clean it Up The first of 9 testing tracks, made for your viewing (and playing) pleasure! This is the first track, 01. The te
Portal 2 Kolekcja
Collezione di maciekpingu
Tiny Gimmicks
Collezione di person dude
Need for speed
Collezione di choskar
Test rooms that need speed to get out of them
HankyMueller's Logical Lasers
Collezione di HankyMueller
Here is a small collection of my laser puzzles. In my opinion, they are some of my best work. Hope you enjoy!
Portal maps by me
Collezione di G U A C K
This is my collecdtion of Portal 2 maps
My Custom Test Chambers
Collezione di Strykr Killr
"White Room" / "Project Portalable" Remakes
Collezione di quaternary
Comment if I missed one... I probably did :D Feel free to remix the last one in the chain, although this isn't exactly a "chain"
"Operation: Front Page" Remakes
Collezione di quaternary
Contains: "Operation: Front Page", an "Operation: Front Page" remake, an """Operation: Front Page" remake" remake, and an """Operation: Front Page" remake" remake" remake. Feel free to remix the last one in the chain :)
Frankencube Labratories
Collezione di Venaimin
The new Frankencube Labratories. man, I wish I could figure out Hammer. Guess we'll stick with BEEmod for now. :)
The Companion Testing Initiative
Collezione di yuh yeet
This is my third (i think) series. This one is that you must use a companion cube to solve each test!
Subject of Innovation/Renovaton & other BEE2 levels
Collezione di Venaimin
A collection of the Subject of Innovation levels, with a few other BEE2 levels as well Sorry, it's a bit disorganized
Collezione di Venaimin
Just some basic PeTI levels.
TheDarkBomber Featured Tests
Collezione di TheDarkBomber
The best maps I have created.
Dual Testing Course
Collezione di CurlyMorgan
The Dual Testing Course! A series of cooperative puzzles where you and your partner complete complex puzzles requiring amazing teamwork.
Portal 2
Collezione di mushishi
pls complete :sadface:
The (new) gel tests
Collezione di deniszapletal
GlaDOS after you escaped has got a idea: What if i make gel tests in new? Well, there is a result.
My l3v3ls
Collezione di Djow1116 Red fox
My things
Project Alpha Beta Zeta
Collezione di Ashoew
Dear community, Recently I purchased Portal 2 and I was amazed how much awesome customs maps were made with the in-game level editor. I decided to also create a few maps to keep the Portal 2 community alive and I hope to receive some positive feedback t
Edge Maps
Collezione di Belacdonkey
A Series of maps designed to test your skill, accuracy, and patience. Youtube tutorials of all maps coming soon. Please comment what you think and any ideas/improvments for future maps :)
Portal 2
Collezione di Zorla
the mapiverse
Collezione di coolpicapro
it is the universe of my maps
faded collection
Collezione di awpierce
Just starting.
Collezione di 2tefan
In dieser Kollektion werden alle Maps von meiner Reihe "2tfn" hinzugefügt.
Mapas portal 2
Collezione di Mr. Firmino
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