Portal 2
Közösségi pályák. A tudományért.
Üdv az Aperture Laboratóriumokban, a Folyamatos Tesztelési Program otthonában. Készíts, ossz meg és játssz könnyedén tesztkamrákat a Portal 2 közösségben. Vedd ki a részed! Járulj hozzá a tudományhoz!
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Shade - Mindless Entertainment
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Shade
This pack contains four maps that are simple but fun. Three are normal Portal chambers, and one is exploring the engine (inspired by Pechinko). I hope you like them :- )
The ZRAY Collection
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Raptor42
All the maps made by Group ZRAY http://steamcommunity.com/groups/z-ray
eiszkalte Unterbrechung
Gyűjtemény alkotója: eiszfuchs
You should have read the tiny text on the contract.
Gyűjtemény alkotója: FrankTheTank
High-Energy Pellet Collection
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Shadow of Avalar
This is a Collection of all of the High Energy Pellet maps by me. This will be updated as I create more chambers. Specal thanks to skotty from thinkingwithportals.com, & the packrat program for .bsp files: for making these maps possible.
31 октября
Gyűjtemény alkotója: 31 октября
Коллекция содержит только мои собственные карты.
Portal 1 Chamber Remakes
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Soup Calhoun
This is a recreation of chambers 12-17, a bit of 18, the GLaDOS battle, and a bonus Wheatley battle. Dynamic background elements were used to make it more like the original while still using PeTI. -Lasers turn off when they are used. -Lasers and buttons
Science is funny
Gyűjtemény alkotója: chubbop
This collection is only for fun. Here aren't puzzles (mostly). Here is fun. Because science is funny!
Yin And Yang
Gyűjtemény alkotója: TSF
3 B and W levels featuring Faith Plates, Lazers, Funnels, Cubes and More!
The Violet Collection
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Liquid Mantis
HEY, CAVE JOHNSON HERE. Hahah, Just Kidding! Hey, I bet you didn't expect this voice, right about now. Yeah, i really bet you didn't.Kenny Mccormack Here, Aperture Engineer! Now, we normally do stuff which in all 6 Corners of the would be Geneva Conventi
Matt's Campaign
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Gruzzly
A campaign of 12 Portal 2 chambers, featuring a wide variey of level design, and a vast array of gadgets and mechanics. Recommended for intermediate to advanced Portal 2 players.
Gyűjtemény alkotója: chris
Here it is. The FintOS collection-Fine Intuition Naturalization Testing Operating System. If you have intuition....you'll not do this test. The worst is yet to come.
Saturday 7 Part 4: Science, Science, Science
Gyűjtemény alkotója: tman507se
Welcome once again to the Saturday Seven. This installment is called "Science, Science, Science", because that is what this is all about anyway isn't it. This 4th installment of the Saturday Seven includes these levels: 1. Juggling Test: In which
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Biozombix
Turret s.r.o. se zaměřuje na logické uvažování při hraní . Naše společnost se pro vás snaží dělat zajímavé mapy :) Byl bych rád za jakykoli hodnocení ,protože každé dílo by se mělo ohodnotit :)
Chaos dimension : campaña habla espana
Gyűjtemény alkotója: <BBM>Basara
la campaña Chaos Dimension , esta advientada en el portal 2 y sera dirijida a los fanaticos de marvel comics XD Shumat Gorath a conseguido llevarte a su laboratorio de portales y es tu mision sobrevivir a esta pruebas con una cuestion ,.Hay poco suelo p
Test Chamber Collection
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Hans Gestalt
A small collection of Test Chambers i have made. Nothing to big or challenging, but should satisfy you.
The Riddler Collection
Gyűjtemény alkotója: HH.Arceus152
Set of chambers inspired by 'The Riddler' himself and each with it's own unique riddle to help you solve the chambers one by one so remember to read each chamber's individual riddle or you could be going by trial and error for a long time at the mercy of t
APERTURE Laboratories:First steps
Gyűjtemény alkotója: SAND BICH
High security jail
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Xue Fang ツ
The highest security jail in the world is making a test to find failures in the security system. The good news is you will find failures, The bad news is you will go on place, alone, make a complete check up. -Good luck-
Magelanex Map Bundle
Gyűjtemény alkotója: HongChai
Hi and this is my collection of portal 2 maps! Please check out My Plorta Tests and My CO-OP Chambers!
Gel 'n' Laser
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Smukvica
Gel and laser. That's all I can say. It's not very hard test but you can play it just to kill time. Have fun!
Rescue The Frankens... All Parts
Gyűjtemény alkotója: HJustice
Frankens are prisoned! They need your help. You must rescue them, with your portalgun! Be careful! There are lots of sentries and traps! Good Luck Hero!
The Power of Two
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Herr Warthog
Co-op maps Still under developtment, but working.
Tests Volume 2
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Crazy
Don't expect anything hard. All were made by me. Try Vol.1 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=71686042
Riddle Me This
Gyűjtemény alkotója: ҂WarTorn[RLG]Guy™
A short collection of single player maps to keep your mind working.
GLaDOS's Lost Tests
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Unlocked
These are the lost test of GLaDOS. Before GLaDOS completely took over aperture science, the humans hid these tests because of reasons like "Too deadly" and "Not Possible" and other junk like that. Well GLaDOS ignored the humans and for 65 years has been se
The Mame Chambers
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Kurumi
Galgamos Advanced Portal Testing Facility
Gyűjtemény alkotója: -=CotS=- Galgamos
Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I am Galgamos and I'm the owner of this facility. It appears that there is a problem with our main AI. Would you mind to shut it down for us? We don't want to put any more workers into these chambers just to reach the
That Itch
Gyűjtemény alkotója: Iksman
That Darn Itch... My collection of self made, fun to play maps I will also make a collection of the maps I found funny and nice, called "Dat Itch" That Darn Itch... to play Portal 2... it's killing me. I NEED PORTAL 2 NOW!
The Sundance Levels
Gyűjtemény alkotója: wildBcat
Some fun levels that begin really easy and move up in difficulty. Work still in progress
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