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Aurao's Greenlight Collection
Kollektion von Aurao ビリビリ♪
Games from Steam Greenlight that interest me.
DJ Tux's Wishlist
Kollektion von 4ud10junk13
Linux is getting a lot of love and here's a collection of some great items. Please be sure to rate up the items you want to see made available via Steam for Linux.
Favorite Games
Kollektion von Roya
A collection of my Favorite past/Present games that I want to share
Games I Like
Kollektion von Warchamp7
A collection of all the games I find interesting or fun
Greenlight stuff
Kollektion von Lumynah Nexus "Glacial Fire"
name says it all
GCC Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Content - Brian's picks
Kollektion von brianbcdefg123
The Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Contest is a fun competition to see who can predict the outcome of Steam Greenlight games the best. Competitors select a group of games and arrange them in positions of a baseball team. The team that scores the most poin
Things I like
Kollektion von Melty
Ohai there. Anyways this is a few of the games I like :D
Anime/Cartoon Games
Kollektion von SBBen0o
While looking around Greenlight, I noticed I liked a lot of the games with an anime and cartoon art style so I put it in a collection.
Good Games
Kollektion von DeadVZero
These are actual entertaining games.
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