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Proxy Warrior
Kollektion von Merczy
A Stealthy Item Set for the Scout
Earl's Jungle Fiesta
Kollektion von Earl de Darkwood
Jungle items I worked on !
War Paint Collection
Kollektion von Vuluppes
Every war paint that i could find, none made by me.
Pixel's weapon collection
Kollektion von Pixel
A collection containing my creations!
The Conquest Conmen
Kollektion von <<GT500>> JZeeba
The tale of two amigos, and their simple plan to scam an entire nation of their wealth, fortune and unusuals.
Boston Confidential
Kollektion von Sky
Crimes are so much easier to solve when you're the one committing them.
NeoDement's Summer Selection!
Kollektion von NeoDement
It's all the stuff I worked on for the upcoming (maybe?) summer update! Keep an eye on this collection, I'm planning to add more to it :D
OverPovered's Workshop Selection
Kollektion von OverPovered
Some select items of mine that I personally like the most.
RTGame's Wacky Custom Maps Collection
Kollektion von RTGame | That Irish Game Guy
The DVD Boxset of Wacky TF2 Custom Maps. Includes all of the best original ones, curated by that one Irish guy who makes TF2 videos.
The Bomb-throwin' Bulldozer
Kollektion von Ertz™
"You're up against the wall, and I AM THE FUCKING WALL"
Deity Link's Touhou TF2 maps
Kollektion von Deity Link
A collection of TF2 maps I've made from 2009 to 2013 which all relate to Touhou Project, a japanese shoot-em up created by a guy called ZUN. Maybe I'll make more once TF2 moves on to Source 2.
The Cursed Map Trilogy
Kollektion von Whomobile
Turrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbine, 2fooooooooooooooooort, and Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, these weren't the first exaggerated maps to be made, but they were the ones that started the stupid fad.
The Uncivil Servant
Kollektion von Ducksink These rioters will never see you coming. one glimpse at your eerie police grade armored figure and they'll all go running home to their miserable lives that they're rightfully protesting against. A riot patrol
Frontline! Weapons Pack
Kollektion von The Incompetent Soldier
All of the Frontline! weapons in one neat little list.
Boss Builder Styles
Kollektion von QuestionablyInsane
Just a simple style set that swaps out the shirt of the jacket. Boss style has a dressshirt and tie. Bomber has a pocketed button up shirt and Beatnik is a turtleneck.
Mann Co. Military Collection
Kollektion von Mountaindood5
Are you getting sick and tired of the unrealistic covert war setting in that sandpit you call a home? Well look no further! At the Mann Co. Military Collection, we have everything you need to bring the raw awesomeness of war from overseas to the comfort of
Tiny TF2 Maps
Kollektion von IS★Puddy
ISPuddy's Tiny TF2 Maps series. those maps where everyone is tiny and the map is set to be in SPACEEEEEEEEEE
The Ravishing Riflemann
Kollektion von Corvalho
"- The difference is that I'm not afraid of getting blood on my suit mate." A set of items for the Sniper- Includes a jacket with shirt, index ring, a pair of slacks and shoes, a hairstyle, cigarette and scar across the left eye. Mods: - J
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