The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Scaramouche's Mega Immersion Modpack
Collection by 10/10/0
These are all of the mods I use. Most of them are meant to increase immersion, however, some are to increase performance, do to the fact that, well... there are a lot of them. Most of them (I'd say about 90%) only add things to the game, and there are n
Collection by Busca92
You Need DawnGuard and SKSE
Skyrim Pack
Collection by Spades
These are the mods I like best on Steam Workshop, all of them are great game enhancers, and none of them make your character an overpowered god. Skyrim Script Extender is required for some mods, get it here http://skse.
Collection by kakoi je ya global
The best collection of them all.
Andrimtopies895's EPIC Mod Pack
Collection by Darkwing 42
A collection of mods that i use. I think they are all AWESOME!!!
Dem Mods
Collection by Betamind
Collection by Bender3546
My current configuration
Make it Big. Make it Beautiful.
Collection by Harmacist
A collection of mods to enhance and explore. Requires all DLC and SKSE
Skyrim Enhancer
Collection by Max
Xionder's Skyrm Mod Collection
Collection by Xionder
This is my humble collection of mods from the steam workshop! Of course, a majority of these mods are geared towards a battlemage character, since I do love magic! Some of these mods are here because they are honorable mentions and not actually loaded onto
Collection by Mizzazz
Collection by Kalu Kenzyfrenzy Chuks
makes skyrim not look shit
Collection by Buhnanuers
Skyrim mods
Collection by bumbiungraren
Skyrim mods
Collection by Joker Dan
My collection that i use
Jeffs House-o-Rama
Collection by jeffs72
Skyrim Overhaul
Collection by rip
Regalo para Draklor
Collection by JalathOW
Un regalo para un gran amigo. Canal de Youtube: Twitter:
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