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Kiseikazan Recommends
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Some of my top choices, but It is extremely biased. P.S. MY name is not Stephen Georg.
The Best Games
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Shooter, Zombie, Adventure, Terror,Indie,Famous,
Games I hope to be greenlit
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A collection of games I have from indie bundles that I bought in the past and I wish to be launched in Steam.
King Toko's Best of The Best Greenlights
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The King Toko's Best of The Best Greenlights collection highlights all the games that I have helped get Greenlighted on Steam. I will be adding more games to the collection as more become Greenlighted. Why look through all the bad games when I can do if
Greenlight Favorites
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Ma sélec Canard PC
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Ma propre sélection parmi la sélection CPC.
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