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The Power Collection
Verzameling door [New Year] Palpek
One of the oldest collections on Greenlight - created among the very first 3. Games picked by gaming enthusiasts on SA forums and SA irc channel. Only the best of the best, hand-picked and voted on by the community. Living and frequently updated!
Best sports game on Steam
Verzameling door Andreas_Becks
Collect the best sports game in Greenlight, I hope you anything fancy :D
Hot Games / Must Have
Verzameling door Chaz
A collection of Hot upcoming titles for Great games by cool developers . Must see! Must Greenlight! Must have! On Steam. Thanks. If you're a developer and if you're on my friend list (or I'm on your friend list) and you think you would like
Verzameling door Micksy
Stuff I want to keep an eye on.
interesting indie stuff
Verzameling door Iron Phoenix
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