The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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few mods for good times :)
Samling af: 「tired」 Sleepy
Samling af: Sir Pickles
Play as Ghost from True Capitalist Radio UPDATE: dedicated to anti-paid modders
Skyrim Modpack (Mainly for personal use)
Samling af: Portaddict74482
This collection is primarily for my personal use if my game screws itself up. If you find any of these mods interesting, i dont care if you sub to them through my modpack. I'm just making this so i've got myself a saftey net for when my game decides to scr
My favorite Skyrim Mods (Steam Workshop Edition)
Samling af: Unknown_Pixel
As a mod maker myself i am happy to give you my favorite skyrim mods on steam workshop (thats why its called steam workshop edtion) i hope you like it, i did not know what to opick under categories so i picked all
Overseer's Basic Skyrim Upgrades
Samling af: Overseer
These are some of the most useful mods I've come across. So useful, in fact that I would recommend these mods to just about everyone as these mods tweak the game in positive ways without breaking the balance or the experience. You'll find no overpowered it
Chadly's Super Skyrim (150+ mods)
Samling af: chadly2150
My personal collection of mods. The build I play with myself, so good I thought I'd share. Don't know what the hit to your system will be. I'm on a laptop: Core i7 - 2GB GeForce GT 630M and it runs good. Mostly minor graphic tweaks and class or spell enhan
Xionder's Skyrm Mod Collection
Samling af: Xionder
This is my humble collection of mods from the steam workshop! Of course, a majority of these mods are geared towards a battlemage character, since I do love magic! Some of these mods are here because they are honorable mentions and not actually loaded onto
krepic test
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skyrim mods
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