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stuff I would greenlight
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some greenlight games me the walrus will support or buy and I think you should check out.
Samling af: dan83m
Magna's recommended Greenlight games
Samling af: 𝔪𝔞𝔤𝔫𝔞
Turn based strategy games
Samling af: Overhype Studios
In this collection we want to gather some turn based strategy games, in particular RPGs. Bring back the good old days!
0zz's favorite GreenLight
Samling af: Ozzi
My collection of greenlight games I'm looking forward to or already have and recommend to others.
Samling af: HellasManager
All these good games!
Greenlit RPG Games
Samling af: MasterAbbott
List of great looking RPG Steam Greenlit titles
Graeme's votes
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The ~4% of games Graeme has given a yes to on Greenlight.
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