Steam Greenlight
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Greenlight Collection
Samling af: ✘eяяomдce(=゚・゚=)
What I do find cool form greenlight
WalBao's greenlight collection
Samling af: WalBao
Here I keep greenlight games that piqued my interest in one way or another. Horror games, simulations, rpgesque stuff, action and indies, the good stuff in general. Multiplayer / co-op is desireable but not necessary.
Must Buy Games
Samling af: 𝔅
Self explained; Must have games! :P
Knight Greenlight Selection
Samling af: Knight
This is, simply, the list of games that called the attention of a person who have been playing all sort of games since more than 20 years and who seeks quality, originality and, above all, fun. Besides being a "veteran" gamer, I'm a member of the videog
Spiele, bei denen einem das Herz aus der Seele springt
Samling af: ◢◤™◥◣
Horrorspiele pur...
Lista de seguimiento GREENLIGHT
Samling af: KSeT
Juegos de Greenlight interesantes
Anime game collection
Samling af: Aloe/
Good anime games.
Greenlight: Ingenious, crazy, funny or whatever.
Samling af: haiabachii
Simply everything that catch my eyes and looks interesting.
В это стоит поиграть.
Samling af: SuperLittleBoy
Source Sauce Playlist
Samling af: SHOUBI°♫
Most of them are nowadays free standalone on Steam but used to be previous Valve Source engine modifications.. Best upcoming indie game out there: Please rate Fast Detect! ːss2heartː[
Sylvester Collection
Samling af: DAVID_BOWIE
Много всяких классных штук...
Kuritho's Greenlight Collection
Samling af: Kuritho
A list of games I really want (need in order to live).
Random Greenlight Games
Samling af: Yūrei
Random collection of Greenlight games that have piqued my curiosity....
Good Games worth Playing
Samling af: Gearspecs
This here is a collection of Games that I think would other developers like myself learn more.
Juegos Linux
Samling af: JoZ3.69
Juegos con puerto para linux
Soloar's Creative Greenlight Collection
Samling af: ⇜Midknight⇜ツ
This is My Most Amazing Greenlite collection the ones that are the best of the best! They are creative and well textured and also well story and visuals. I'm looking for the best of the best! :3
Хорошие продукты GL
Samling af: 😀mRu_mRsO_o✪
Выбираю хорошие продукты из гринлайта.
Neo's chamber
Samling af: Spitfire
A collection of really cool games.
Samling af: Corfa
Interesting greenlight games
Samling af: Kal
Greenlight games I've found that look interesting. Items are roughly placed most interesting to least. Please don't be upset if your game is near the bottom, I don't worry about keeping this rule and it being there at all is a complement. Fe
Cool & Interesting Games! (^ω^)
Samling af: andreiagmu
Cool & Interesting Games! (^ω^)
Promising Artistic Works in Progress
Samling af: Altair22
Pony approved online MMOs
Samling af: lilmonix3
Pretty much the best Online Multi player games that you can play on a computer or laptop, and other games that are interesting.
Samling af: BULLYHUNTER_77
jj Greenlight Favs
Samling af: Ai Fuu
Collection of the current Greenlight Favourite Games by
My choices
Samling af: Uvaldon92
pixel pack
Samling af: Borkupine
a pack of pixelated games bring back the pixel days
~Le Pony Lord's Greenlight List
Samling af: ~Le Pony Lord
This is my collection of Greelight titles. If you really want to have some gret games, but you can't be browsing all day and night for something decent (at least), then look at this list and support these games! Rules: PC (Windows) format is the main
Local Coop: Play with your friends, with your friends!
Samling af: rektide
The best games are ones you can play with a bunch of people crammed around a monitor! Drop in, drop out, hand off the controller: leave the game open and let it be an ambient distraction for those around, games are about little worlds to peek into, and the
Samling af: Պոռնիկ
Absolute Gems of the Indie Horror, crazy Puzzles, and Intricate thoughts.
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