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Expand your Conan Exiles experience with the Steam Workshop! Keep in mind mods can only be used on non-official servers.
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Колекция от Lorrdy
Blackbane RP
Колекция от Grant Grimm
A collection of mods for the Blackbane RP Conan Exiles server
Колекция от Dominus Maximus
Conan mods Palm server
Колекция от Buttmonkey Hunter
Prive collectie voor Palm modded Conan server. Volgorde van Mods aanhouden zoals de lijst is gemaakt. Volgende Mods niet selecteren in spel: LTs Compass (Minimap) Level 250 Mod Heroes Law VallenHeim Stacksize Plus v.1.7.0 (DLC compatible).
Solaris Chapter 3
Колекция от Gravenia
WolfPack Conan
Колекция от Klev
Alpha Ghost Team Mod Conan
Колекция от AGT_Macleod
Alpha Ghost Team MODE PVE Serveur : La vallée Cimmérienne : Harvest = x3 XP Multiplier = x5 Discord : Groupe Facebook : Fondateur : Macleod Adm
Paragon [RP Semi-strict] Mods
Колекция от Noël
C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\440900\880454836\Pippi.pak C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\440900\877108545\UnlockableContainers.pak C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\440900\1326031593\SlaveWarsServer.pak C:\SteamLibrary\s
Les Terres Sanglantes
Колекция от Evilangela
Bienvenue sur le Serveur " Les Terres Sanglantes" PVE, Quelques petits changements vont avoir lieu pour approfondir l'immersion dans le jeu avec l'ajout de mod. Nous n'allons pas submerger le serveur de mod, il n'en est pas question et surtout rester e
Mods for the Server.
Колекция от Roshi
Heralds of Strife - Conan RP-PvP
Колекция от S0LU7I0N
Workshop Collection for Heralds of Strife - Conan RP-PvP Whitelisted Server
[AU/NZ] Age OF Calamitous Role Play PVP
Колекция от Relic
Come join the journey with us in Conan Exiles and we welcome you to [AU/NZ] Age Of Calamitous RP PVP. (PC) Server in Sydney. IP Address : This server provides a wide range of game play styles and desires Relaxed RP- PVP 24/7 Pl
Deadlands Server: Mod Collection
Колекция от Terrornaut
Server Discord: All of the mods, in order used by the Deadlands server for quick access. No compatibility issues/mod or server crashes/added lag/problems from these wonderful mods! ***NOTE!*** One of the mods (wonderbody) w
Immersive Sexiles
Колекция от Sexile
This is a collection to play on the Immersive Sexiles Server. (Adult, RP, Immersion). Please don't join if you're not an adult, or interested in Roleplaying. Our web, which for some reason can't be linked is Sexiles-weebly-com. You will need to visit th
Oasis of Pleasure 18+ ERP PvP
Колекция от Faxi
This Collection is for the Oasis of Pleasure 18+ ERP Server. Find more Infos about it on our Discord Server. The Oasis of Pleasure is a Erotic Roleplaying Server with mostly Females and Futanaris in our Lands, this Serve
Колекция от Rancina
好看就行 以下重点 进入游戏创建完毕人物到游玩界面后退出游戏 修改这三项: 1、将Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini 中的 NudityLevel 改为 NudityLevel=-1 2、将Conan.Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ServerSettings.ini 中的 MaxNudity 改为 MaxNudity=2
Nation du Québec - Conan Exile
Колекция от Kebek
Mods utilisés pour le serveur Cona Exile de la Nation du Québec.
Conan Devolved Modded X02
Колекция от j0hnbane
The collection used on the YouTuber server, Conan Devolved Modded X02. These mods all work together. YouTubers on the server: Acituanbus - Baboon King - Fabulous Crusty - https:/
[GER] Die Outlaws PVE / RP FSK18 Mod Sammelung
Колекция от Windshester
Willkommen bei Die Outlaws Dies ist unsere Mod Kollektion. Wer Lust hat kann uns ja mal Besuchen kommen! Kontaktdaten: Forum : Wird neu gemacht Gameserver : Die Outlaws PVE / RP FSK18 Gameserver Ip : Tea
LTs Conan Exiles Server
Колекция от EzequielM
List of MODs used on the LTs Conan Exiles Server ( (Server address for Steam: Order: - Pippi - User & Server Management - Fashionist - DyeMoreBetterer - LitMan Loot Legendary Chests - L
DM21 Gaming's Bloodsands of WalHalla
Колекция от Over2Take
Installation instructions: 1. Once subscribed, open the mods menu on game's start screen by clicking "MODS" 2. Moving the mods to the "Selected Mods" area 4. Click back, and restart the client.
Join the Lost-Kingdom Servers!
Колекция от ☬ Crow ☬ Click to join our steam group for announcement
Majestic Server Mods
Колекция от Crystal
Mods used on Majestic servers. For more information on Majestic, see
Колекция от Alec
A new RP-server The assembly includes: -Pippi - User & Server Management System -Populus (Instal any NPC in the right place for you with the desired animation) -WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain (The mod allows you to set the sex and nudity of slaves on the
Thrall Wars
Колекция от torkatla
This is a collection to play on the Thrall Wars Server. (Adult, RP). Please don't join if you're not an adult, or interested in Roleplaying. Get link to our discord once in game to get rules and more info
Колекция от Stawos
Mod collection for Exiles Pub server Website: SERVER DETAILS: HOSTED BY: Host H
Shadow Dynasty RPPvP Server - Mods Collection
Колекция от Zorlon
This is the official workshop collection for the Shadow Dynasty Conan server! Mods should be in the following order: Immersion.pak DyeMoreBetter.pak SexilesMod.pak Pippi.pak Join our community discord:
Next Day Roleplay ModPack
Колекция от Ugly
Модпак необходимый для игры на ролевом сервере Next Day
Warlock Warz: Chaotic Kingdoms
Колекция от Krysez
Welcome to a new land. While the geography strongly resembles those of the Exiled Lands, this world cannot be more different. Magic runs rampant, and the two Kingdoms are constantly at war. New arrivals fear leaving the safety of the New City as the obstac
Firespark81's Conan Server
Колекция от Firespark81
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