Team Fortress 2
Имате ли каквото Ви е необходимо?
Създавайте и подавайте нови артикули (като шапки, оръжия, значки, ботуши и други), за да бъдат разгледани и включени в играта. Кликнете тук, за да научите още.
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Съдържа артикула: „The Sharp Shock“
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The Spyborg
Колекция от Sky
Cyborg helmet and knife combo for the Sky.
Sky's Halloween Goody Bag
Колекция от Sky
Floating pets, pyro heads and all class hats, oh my! And some other stuff. All the halloween items I've contributed and worked on with others for 2013. More items will be added as they're published to the workshop.
Make it happen
Колекция от Stasi Memelord
Anything in this collection are things that I think NEEDS to be added into TF2.
Can We Have New Weapons?
Колекция от Lil❤Moon
Pls? PLS? Sounding like New Weapons Soldier over here.
Halloween 2013
Колекция от RED Floyd /(Weber)\
A collection of items for Night of the Living 3/Halloween 2013. Of course more will be added!
Medieval timez
Колекция от FranckyFox2468
I think that medieval mode is a really fun but underrated game mode, and this is a collection of few items that could work with it
Epic Tf2 Weapons
Колекция от Mariusz
The Fuck-Box of Awesome items
Колекция от Smithy The Blacksmith
These items are awesome.
unusals and more
Колекция от 404_coffee.exe
unusals cosmetics wepons another one *and yes it has been maxed out*
Mason1676 workshop items
Колекция от TheFlaminghero
this is for all the classes that have some good hats, misc, and weaopns for each character
Favorite TF2 Workshop Items
Колекция от Andrew
Some of the best workshop items I've ever seen.
Колекция от chinatown dover flea market
Anything on the TF2 Workshop that should be in game (not that it will be).
Колекция от green0dragon1
Spooky Nightmare's Halloween
Колекция от Jason Hawk
This is my favorite workshop items this halloween
Epic Tf2 Cosmetics and Weps
Колекция от Pizzaman4360
This will be a collection of weapons and cosmetics that I want to be in game/hexed in Gmod.If any hexers look at this,much appreciated.:3 (Note:Plz say in description if any of these items get hexed and they have not been removed.Thanks!)
My Collections
Колекция от DarkAnxiousʇ
plenty of choosen Collections here should be ADDED to the game!
Weapons and Skins - Team Fortress 2 - Sybot's Collection
Колекция от bomber92ful
"Hey, Doc! Looks like the new gear just arrived!"
OverFortress2 fav modez
Колекция от GTA SA Hobo
Deer, son of a bitch has just layed some crap here, you mast watch it
Колекция от Dr Mkay
tf2 mods
Scnurcen's TF2 collection
Колекция от Acid-Seltzer
All the items that I beleive valve really needs to add.
shit that i want added.
Колекция от Sleepy
the name says it all. its shit i want added.
Колекция от spolOation~☆彡
Camel's Choice
Колекция от Jamming Camel
Only the finest can make it
V samilng
Колекция от Cat (DK)
den er dansk
Best Items for Scream Fortress Updates
Колекция от ♥ Jaiden ♥
Hats, Weapons, Taunts and Unusual Effects I think are the best to be added to future Scream Fortress Updates
austin's items
Колекция от SuperFreak
you have a new item :D
Epic Knives Spy
Колекция от Maxgrid
EN: In this collection there will be the most Epic Spy Knives FR: Dans cette collection il y aura des couteaux de Spy les plus Epic qui soit
Borisnigofs collection
Колекция от BorisTheBulletDodger
My collection is a collection for new sinper,spy,soldier,pyro and medi items
Team Fortress 2 Guns
Колекция от ryanbb112899
Колекция от Aids Torpedo
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