Portal 2
Обществени карти. За науката.
Добре дошли в лабораториите на Апъчър, домът на безкрайната тестова инициатива. Лесно създавайте, споделете и изпробвайте тестови зали, създадени от и за обществото на Portal 2. Свършете своята част! Допринесете за науката!
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Съдържа артикула: „Curious Chamber“
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Grand's Puzzle Hell Adventure
Колекция от grand
i saw a bunch of maps and thought, "yeah, i want to suffer through that"
Custom Maps
Колекция от RaffoTech
Crazy & Good Tests
Колекция от BrolyLSSJ5
Quality and/or unique maps I think everyone should experience. Brace yourself, you are in for quite the ride! Maps range from "standard mechanics" (TOP) to "no cake, just the flavour" (BOTTOM) Logo is derived from the work of "TheLastCanadian"
My Single Player Favorites
Колекция от wildgoosespeeder
Original Location of My Favorites These maps are so good,
Top 13 Inovations
Колекция от Tipy4
PC gamer's 13 most inovative portal community maps. http://www.pcgamer.com/gallery/portal-2-maps-13-inventive-innovative-community-challenges
Portal 2 Collection
Колекция от discokrakken
I'm only making this so I can check out Portal 2 mods or something. I don't even fully comprehend what this means. HOW DOES IT WORK
New Mechanics in Portal 2
Колекция от Razor
En esta Colección os hago una recopilación de los mejores mods que aportan nuevas mecánicas al gameplay del Portal 2. Encontraréis mods con novedades como, por ejemplo: -Gravedad cero -Jugar sin el Cañón de Portales -Jugar con un Cañón de Gel Azul
Колекция от Wolf-Max
Колекция от Baby Seal
Top sets
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