Portal 2
Portal 2
Обществени карти. За науката.
Добре дошли в лабораториите на Апъчър, домът на безкрайната тестова инициатива. Лесно създавайте, споделете и изпробвайте тестови зали, създадени от и за обществото на Portal 2. Свършете своята част! Допринесете за науката!
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Колекция от [TAC] Carron-Senpai
Колекция от Janbert | macman1111
One collection to rule them all
Колекция от Balloonicorn, Jr.
This collection has it all. Fights. Easy maps. Medium maps. Hard maps. Well, one of each actually. But hey- there is a map for everyone. Try it out! Gurenteed enjoyment.
Tank420 Work in Progress Bin
Колекция от Tank
Work in progress, please feel free to test and off ANY feedback This collection is only available to people on my friends list.
Колекция от Alex Luck.G2A
Easy map"s
Fallen hoch 5
Колекция от Manuel
Achtung Falle
R.O.S.S.E.N: X
Колекция от RossenX
R.O.S.S.E.N: X Chambers from multiverse #3971453
ToxicGuy's Maps!
Колекция от ToxicGuy
ToxicGuy's Map! Try It!
Колекция от Kammerjäger
Tales of an Orphan
Колекция от Dio Joestar
'Tales of an Orphan' is a collection of a map pack, usually, I try to update, fix and add new maps. Also, I'm open for a requests.
Fredolefou's Test Chambers
Колекция от Fredolefou
Some tests with progressive difficulty but never too hard, I'll add other tests soon... (and sorry for my poor english) [FR] Quelque tests a difficultée progressive mais jamais très complexes, j'en rajouterais au fur et à mesure... Note : On ret
A huge mess
Колекция от Kalsiumdinatrium
Heres my collection that has some of my maps.
NotinsEnjest : Test Collection
Колекция от PyromenChes
Test cells were prepared specifically for smart people!
rpplack's Test Pack
Колекция от rpplack
This is The Test Pack of rpplack
Usul's Tests
Колекция от Usul7319
A various mix of mind bend tasks.. almost Herculean!
Hello World Test chambers
Колекция от Mandelbrot5
A trio of maps that are designed to test some ideas and get some feed back. So tell me what sucks, what was cool, and if any gave you that 'Oh, that's how you do it!" moment that we love with portal. Very little polish, mostly puzzle concepts that are
Test Chambers with Challenge Modes
Колекция от DogDay
Test chambers designed to be interesting and challenging.
The Cavebot
Колекция от SunSlayerKD[T-A!]
Explore a cave system in each of these maps. Do not be fooled by the Boots. They might save you if you fall, but is that always the case? While the tunnels are not endless, they still are dangerous.
Left 4 cubes
Колекция от leo_morel
The DWN.011 Testing Initiative
Колекция от Diffy-Q
A collection of all my test chambers, so you don't have to subscribe to each one separately,
Skill Chambers
Колекция от Zapperlott
This collection is all about fling techniques, portal physics and a little practice ;) I hope you enjoy! I´ll add more maps as i make them. Please rate/comment/suggest - Thanks for playing!
Prove yourself
Колекция от Rush
Try to beat these tests, and I'll try to get you some cake...
IDC Industries test maps
Колекция от chocogamba tropical
Here is my first job: 5 simple maps where I test the mechanics of the mapmaker. I hope you enjoy them. I'm working on something more complex and fun.
Branching Chambers.
Колекция от Popo"Known as the Huge Face"434
A series of Branching Chambers with many solutions. Great replayability.
[HARD] Trigger's Chamber Collection
Колекция от Trigger
Not for the faint of heart. When I say hard I mean hard, These will keep you guessing, drive you insain and just plain piss you off. Some of these require hard tasks for advanced test subjects. These are all possible I have tested them myself. More
Колекция от Fepinheiro
I am here to present my first collection of test chambers, Marc, every week, a new test! Hope you enjoy and join me, next week a ... more
Колекция от Qbyte 1800
A series of test chambers with the intetion of varying dificulty release on a regular schedual - at least one new chamber per week - with a specific basic structure to all the chambers: large "boxhead" rooms.
Bjoern9414´s Portal 2 levels (Hard and big)
Колекция от NordBear
This is the hardest and bigest tests i ever will make, will add 1 level every week!
christmas collection
Колекция от Trogdor the Burninator
all my christmas maps
13 Big Ones
Колекция от RedneckTexan
A collection of my first thirteen chambers. I tended to rub up against the entity limit in each of them.
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