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Тук можете да откриете и споделите оръжия, облици, карти и заготовки. Използвайте инструментите си във Foundry, намиращи се в играта, за да можете много лесно да създавате и споделяте всичко това. Прочетете нашето кратко ръководство за повече информация.
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Team Fortress 2 Skin Pack!
Колекция от Exato Game Studios
This full set of epic TF2 skins was officially sanctioned by the TF2 team at Valve to promote the release of Steam Workshop for Guncraft. Grab the full set and rock your favorite class from the critically aclaimed Team Fortress 2, now in Guncraft!
Official Team Fortress 2 Gunsmithing Pack
Колекция от Exato Game Studios
This official collection of Team Fortress 2 guns are officially sanctioned by the TF2 team at Valve (<3). There will be one more addition to this collection later this month that will include the Lollichop, Bonesaw, Wrench, and Bat. We'll let you ponder wh
WH40K: the Complete Collection
Колекция от Sho'nuff: the Shogun of Harlem
Every single Warhammer 40,000 weapon, prefab, and skin available in the Workshop!
Guncraft: Combat Evolved
Колекция от Navonod
Halo fans, this is the collection you've been waiting for! Pick up an assault rifle and Shoot some robot spiders, the boss way! Got a weapon from the Halo Series, Contact me througth the comments to get it in the collection (I didn't make most of the
☠ vonDoomCraft ☠ Skins & Accessories
Колекция от Sho'nuff: the Shogun of Harlem
☠ Master Chief, Deadpool, Zombies, and more! ☠ Accessories included! ☠ vonDoomCraft HD resourcepack for Minecraft: ☠ vonDoomCraft Zombies & Survivor mods for Left
Merlock's Guns
Колекция от beer
Exato Halloween 2013 Pack!
Колекция от Exato Game Studios
Happy Halloween!!! Enjoy these spooky skins and new melee weapon to commemorate both the holiday, our new horror DLC SFX, and our new melee archetype in gunsmithing!
AntoTheFox's stuff!
Колекция от Antono
In this collection there is all my weapons, my skins and my maps I made and I published on the Workshop. Hope you will like my stuff :p
Buffdaddy's Maps
Колекция от Buffdaddy
A frequently updated collection of all the maps I've created - outside the official game maps, anyway :P
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