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Открийте нови придобивки, които да добавите към своя филм. Сътрудничете си с Вашите приятели. Създайте и споделете придобивки с всички потребители на SFM. Кликнете тук, за да научите още и да започнете.
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Колекция от klamont
the colection of a time
Колекция от Legacy
сборка для Source Filmmaker
Pokemon Models
Колекция от PRGSPY
Pokemon, this is a collection of them (I couldent find a picture for the collection icon, so I used a placeholder for now). I hope this is helpfull for finding things POKEMON on SFM. ;-]
Memerer Workshop parts
Колекция от ◣Crashy Kuntsson◥
a collection of all the workshop parts used for Memerer's mascot tricksters_tu jul13_sweet_shades_scout fanciful_flannel scout_concier eye colour: models\player\shared\eye-iris-aqua
my sfm
Колекция от MoRockefeller
Melon's Meme Membered SFM Items
Колекция от InterestingMelon001
It's basically for all your SFM Meming needs. (I'm using this to remember what 2 get when I get SFM)
Jeremy Workshop Parts
Колекция от ◣Crashy Kuntsson◥
a collection of all the workshop parts used for Jake's mascot sniper_vestless (custom download) sniper_head all_winter_scarf_sniper spy_hat tycoon_tie (Painted pink: 255, 105, 180) eye colour: models\player\shared\eye-iris-neongreen shirt co
Колекция от Aloy
Super Smash Bros SFM Models
Колекция от IsaiahTSE / TheShiningEmeralds
Accurate FNaF Models
Колекция от Crusherboy20
Just some accurate FNaF Models.
TF2 - Misc Hats and Weapons!
Колекция от H I G H
[PT-BR] Os itens contidos na minhas coleções não possuem nenhuma origem minha! Fica a creditos de cada criador!! The items in my collections have no origin from me! It is credited to every creator!
my favorite sonic and others collection
Колекция от Sebz the hedgehog 3
this is are my favorite models in sfm i give thanks to the ones who make this they are really a great people and i dont know how to thank them a lot
Tekken 7 Models
Колекция от japanese thot manager
Колекция от Weege
Колекция от parasite in city
Колекция от PinHeadLarry
sfm favoritos :b
Колекция от NEPTUNIA
sfm favoritos 2
Колекция от NEPTUNIA
Gaster colletion
Колекция от Tyler maxwell darkfield
im a fan of gaster and i will collect every gaster addon
My workshop stuff
Колекция от Shadow Spy
Its got all my stuff in it that i use
Колекция от Java
My SFM addons
Колекция от EternalBagel
All my addons for Source Film Maker. This collection will be updated as I subscribe and unsubscribe from addons.
Halo SFM Resources
Колекция от Sin
Колекция от EvilMadHatter
AHAHA bla bla :D my faves and stuffy stuffs.
FNAF Content
Колекция от Veil The Fox 2006
Clone Wars
Колекция от Seag
For all your Clone Wars needs. Comment if I missed anything :)
Колекция от Derk Bach
Someone port these to Gmod!!!!11!! killme.png
Колекция от Bonkle
Five Nights At Candy's
Колекция от Fr3ddy
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