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The Deadly Evil
Coleção por Fake Archon
FPS like Serious Sam
Coleção por piotr.pastuszka
Coleção por misut
LordSputnik's Top Recommened Steam Greenlight Projects
Coleção por Pinktreat
Steam Greenlight is filled with awesome projects, but what are the most awesomest projects. This a list of my most favourite projects on Steam Greenlight. So please go ahead, and look at LordSputnik's Top Recommend Steam Greenlight Projects. I am happy
AKIBA Indie Games
Coleção por Jentrena |
Desde apoyamos el desarrollo indie y aquí tenéis la lista de nuestros favoritos para ingresar en el servicio Steam.
Coleção por getTHISwork
Warning: Games could cause explosions, Watch out!
Coleção por SuperSho
Watch out these games are soo cool, they might make your monitor explode! I suggest getting a back up monitor. Or go play at your friends house, what ever works. Definatly check these games out, it's worth your time (just be carefull of cumbustion).
Recommended Games
Coleção por BreakingPhobias
Games that will entertain, hook and keep you begging for more.
Some Great Up and coming games I've hand selected!
Coleção por Travis.txrx
Some hand picked up and coming Game titles I'm sure you will approve. ;)
Examples of games that SHOULD be greenlit
Coleção por ScrubLord || Kaosz
Here is a list of games that (in my opinion) deserve to be greenlit over the piles of shit that exist.
rogue-like & procedurally generated
Coleção por i3:yzt! 🦋
old-school, rogue-like & procedurally generated games!
Games that Don't Belong on Steam!
Coleção por I'llTakeMyA10AndJustLeave
This is a collection of all games created by censoring, childish devs! Enjoy!
13th mine spill
Coleção por CO@BRA_KILL3RS-=۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿
tank spill
Я хочу, чтобы накопить
Coleção por Toy Bonnie
Мне нравится, что у меня накопилось.
Дагестанские дагестанцы или избранные проекты
Coleção por Nova
Кто не понял, тот поймет. Игры одобренные Аллахом! Только качественный контент!
CWG Searchlight - Featured Titles
Coleção por Mattiebo
This collection includes every game featured in CookingWithGrenades' Searchlight video series. You can watch every Searchlight video here:
Make steam GREAT again
Coleção por Th3pravato
We , the citizen of steam , are now joined a great national effort , to rebuild our platform. We will face many garbage but we will get the job done.
Papasmurf's Picks
Coleção por papaSmurf1038
A running list of games that happen to catch my eye. I tend to be quite picky about kinesthetics, and greatly value novel/interesting mechanics over graphical polish.
Classy Games For Classy People
Coleção por theraineydaze
These are the Games I think are classy enough for steam.
My Favorites
Coleção por MapleBishopFan1985
Some of my favorite games on Steam's Greenlight.^_^
Serret's Greenlight Favorites
Coleção por Serret
Greenlight has a lot of hidden diamonds, some rougher than others. Finding them in the middle of all the submissions is no simple task. I went through most of it and upvoted quite a few of them spanning across several genres, but these are my favorite.
Youtube's "The Greenlight" Game List
Coleção por EpicManeuver
Jesse Cox (Omfgcata) and Josh Mattingly (indiestatik) join forces to spotlight those games on Steam's Greenlight that deserve your attention and (hopefully) your vote. Featuring initial playthroughs, reviews, and developer interviews - we'll take a look at
This Is The Best Greenlight Collection Of All Time (Official)
Coleção por STVR
This is the official best collection of Greenlight games ever. Not that the games themselves are of unspecified quality, but the quality of the list itself is quite high. Do not believe any others who may claim to be the best Greenlight collection of all t
B-Back it up!
Coleção por Toikka
My picks for great Greenlight projects you should DEFINITELY help get to Steam.
Coleção por Where are my Dragons ?
New sim games
Coleção por ZuperGames
Silly simulator games
Greenlight Free to play
Coleção por THE JONAX
Free to play Games on Greenlight
Green Light Games (GLG)
Coleção por ✪ script
A few Video Games I have bunched together
future pros!
Coleção por ChechoBadguy
awesome stuff
Coleção por Sizr_den
top hry co bych rad do steamu :D
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