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Portal 2
Câmaras de teste. Pela ciência.
Boas-vindas aos Laboratórios Aperture, lar da Iniciativa de Testes Perpétuos. Crie, compartilhe e jogue de forma fácil câmaras de teste projetadas pela e para a comunidade do Portal 2. Faça a sua parte! Contribua para a Ciência!
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Portal: After Hours
Coleção por Aleph (ABNTGeneric)
Portal: After Hours is a full length single player campaign set in-between the events of the first and second Portal games. The second half is planned for release sometime in Winter of 2019! Join for more info or questions: https://discord.gg/G2ArYd9 T
Propulsion Cubes
Coleção por ToxicPoison
Discover yourself flying through a vacuum tube into a testing track full of orange painted cubes! Slippery! Nontoxic! Fun! And while you're at it, explore the depths of modern Aperture Science (maybe above and below, too). This is my first hammer se
Let's start the test together
Coleção por -ТОУН-
Just fun levels!!1!
portal 2 room
Coleção por Valfer
это коллекция с несложными головоломками.
My Test Chambers
Coleção por loves2play
All of my normal test chambers.
Perplex (co-op)
Coleção por camerson1313
This is the Perplex series. It's basically just my co-op maps that aren't confinement style, but don't take that to mean they're any easier. These maps range from medium to super mega hard difficulty. If you're looking for a real challenge, this might just
Synergy Saga
Coleção por daibralke
All of the SYNERGY levels in one collection. Easy!
Let's start the test
Coleção por -ТОУН-
Just fun levels!!1!
The Basics.
Coleção por NickPDX
JAD's Wicked Games
Coleção por JAD
A collection of my Portal 2 wicked puzzles. I'll focus primary on co-op maps, but in the future I may add some single-player maps as well.
Endless Possibilities
Coleção por King
In this series, you play as a female test subject named Poppy as she travels through a new testing track. Place in Timeline: After Portal 1 (Expanding Science), Before Portal 2
Coleção por Sprowl
YOU NEED TO INSTALL MY CUSTOM PARTICLES (or else you'll have a hard time to solve some puzzles): https://forums.thinking.withportals.com/downloads.php?view=detail&df_id=2529
Countdown to Extinction (Director's cut)
Coleção por jk7201
This is a special version of the Countdown to Extinction collection. It contains the original maps plus some extra stuff. The difficulty increases as you proceed, so following the suggested map order is highly recommended.
Expanding Science
Coleção por King
After the events of The Prototypes and The Prototypes 2. Johnny Toast (No purposeful resemblance to any TV, Movie, Book, etc. character) goes Behind The Scenes to be safe from GLaDOS' testing
Hardest Maps I've Found
Coleção por KennKong
These are the most difficult maps I've found. They can be hard to figure out, hard to play, or are just plain devious. I have completed every one of these, so none of them are impossible. Don't blame me, blame the creators!
[COOP] Modern Technology - Collection by Cellolide™
Coleção por Cellolide™
All "Modern Technology" - Cooperative maps by Cellolide™. Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions let me know in the comments at that particular part. If you have any suggestions for improvement click on the part you pla
Unique concepts
Coleção por KyloX
Maps with unique ideas, concepts, looks or just stunning. In other words, maps that are uncommon in Portal 2.
The Best of Demon Arisen (25+ Fun & Logical Puzzles)
Coleção por Demon Arisen
A collection of my very best fun and logical test chambers, in order from easiest to hardest. Bear in mind that "best" doesn't necessarily mean "really difficult" - in fact, the first few are quite easy to gradually get you used to my way of thinking - but
Medium Difficulty Coop Maps
Coleção por DrFauli
Medium Difficulty Coop Maps - created by DrFauli
Introduction to the Workshop
Coleção por RedSilencer
A collection of well-designed, easy-to-medium puzzles. This collection serves as an entry point for players who are new to the workshop or for aspiring map makers who need some inspiration. These levels have been created over time and are made by recogn
[COOP] Brainteaser
Coleção por DrFauli
Very difficult logic puzzles which require only thinking with portals. - no extra skills needed; - no fast timing needed; Estimated blindrun playtime is over 45 minutes per map, altough you can solve each of them within 5 to 7 minutes, if you know e
[COOP] Beyond Imagination
Coleção por DrFauli
Beyond Imagination - think outside of the box! What might look like a paradox at first, can be solved in another more complex way. - map series with estimated difficulty: hard - no ninja skills and no strafe jumps needed - no bugusing, no gli
The subject KILLER
Coleção por Vingo
this was my first series ever made in the workshop. series maps list: The subject KILLER [part 1]: the awakening (released) The subject KILLER [part 2]: out & in (released) The subject KILLER [part 3]: name of turrets (released) The subject
Single player maps portal 2 for co-op
Coleção por zheka_100500
Single player maps portal 2 for co-op
[COOP] Hakuna Matata
Coleção por DrFauli
Hakuna Matata - "no worries"; - map series with estimated difficulty: medium/hard - no ninja skills needed - you do not have to die to solve these maps - if you lose your portals, it is easy to get them back Over the past years I have spe
Demon Arisen's Logic Puzzles
Coleção por Demon Arisen
Are you tired of all the terrible maps on the workshop? Of course you are! Do you long for brain-bending test chambers with excellent design? Of course you do! Do you like fun stuff? Of course you do! Well, guess what? You've come to the right place! I am
Quantum Entanglement
Coleção por rendermouse
This is the official collection for the Quantum Entanglement series of maps for Portal 2. There are only two available right now, but there will be more maps added as they get constructed.
Gelocity 1 vs 1
Coleção por Radix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel. Use your portal gun cleverly to trick your opponent and be the first to reach the finish line!
[COOP] This is Teamwork
Coleção por DrFauli
This map-series has been completely reworked on 29. June 2017 [7 maps] • 3 new maps have been added • 4 existing maps have been updated, reworked and improved • gameplay improvements and bugfixes (including engine related bugs) • I strongly reco
Moonbase Luna-C
Coleção por Catsy
Somewhere in the Multiverse, in another Aperture not too different from ours, an intern working on the Conversion Gel project had a stroke of inspiration: if moon rock is such a great portal conductor, why not open a portal on the Moon and get it ourselves
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