Portal 2
Câmaras de teste. Pela ciência.
Boas-vindas aos Laboratórios Aperture, lar da Iniciativa de Testes Perpétuos. Crie, compartilhe e jogue de forma fácil câmaras de teste projetadas pela e para a comunidade do Portal 2. Faça a sua parte! Contribua para a Ciência!
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Coleção por mcnicls
A collection of some Portal 2 puzzles with "intresting" concepts, such as parkour but also having more known concepts (like cube on button).
Aperture Adventure Series
Coleção por aleximine
Contains the Aperture Adventure series
5X5 Series
Coleção por funman4356
This is a series of Portal 2 puzzles that consist of a start and end room and a puzzle in the center that fits in only a 5X5X5 area. GOOD LUCK!
Coleção por Marvel0505
You are a worker at a secretive labratory who suddenly wakes up with no memories. You need to escape to find out what happened to you!
Angry Chambers
Coleção por Akari Akaza
Angry Chambers
Tests von einfach zu schwer
Coleção por Lookoda
Tests von einfach zu schwer Wie man iner überschrift sieht sind einfache un schwere Tests in er Kollektion drinen sie sin nach er Reienfolge angeortned.
Companion Cube
Coleção por Zep935
Sneak into a Portal Security track to rescue your friendly Companion Cube. Along the journey, you must piece your way through corridors of lasers, rooms full of locks, rescue your Companion, and escape the Portal Security track. But something goes unexpect
Test Chamber Series
Coleção por Zozz017
Portal 2
Coleção por Ghost House Productions ©
Portal 2 Co-op maps
Science enrichment cubes
Coleção por Cloudperry
My science enrichment cube map series.
Onsen Test Chamber
Coleção por Onsen UI
my test chambers. 10 and 20 are quite difficult. glhf
New World Testing Initiative
Coleção por TheSpaceKraken
The New World Testing Initiative is a set of puzzles that starts off fairly easy, but progressively gets harder as you go through them.
Escape From Basement
Coleção por Wangon | SDK
Collection of Easy maps for Portal 2. Escape From Basement :D
Portal Still Alive
Coleção por surely
A remake of the challenge chambers from Portal: Still Alive on the Xbox Live Arcade
Playlist #4
Coleção por Sinister_64_
Coleção por XerioZ
A collection of maps I am making titled TYF.
My levels
Coleção por LegoMax1010
The Logical Knot (Abyss)
Coleção por RedSilencer
My Maps
Coleção por RubyWolf222
All my maps in one place
Coleção por DriemLaif
My collection of Coop-Maps and Chambers
Easy Test Chamber For My Dad (Collection)
Coleção por FluØrite
The collection of maps I made for my dad.
Coleção por DELTA
Portal 2
Coleção por LPKuky pvpro.com
AQ Science
Coleção por AlBerTiKo AQ
Welcome to AQ Science, an ongoing Aperture Science division. We use science and technology to create revolutions and masses for everyday life. We have designed masses that will be like a human more, who are called subjects. We pass them through certain tes
The Quasar starter pack
Coleção por Mr Quasar
The Aperture Archives
Coleção por Airsoft
Wheatley had found a bunch of unused test chambers that GLaDOS stockpiled in an enclosed wing. Now, GLaDOS has employed you to test these old test chambers that were sealed off after Chell escaped. Can you beat Aperture's Archives? This is my first te
Arcanum's Challenge
Coleção por arcanorj
Can you beat this serie of Challenges?
Conventional tests
Coleção por CrossXTALE
Favourite Portal 2 custom maps
Coleção por Icehydral
Fun Collection of portal 2 custom maps* made by amazing people. Hopefully you like this collection and try out some of them. I will keep updating the list for those who want more( currently there are only 2) *These are not my maps, I just mad
Mim's Co-Op
Coleção por MimPlays
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