Portal 2
Câmaras de teste. Pela ciência.
Boas-vindas aos Laboratórios Aperture, lar da Iniciativa de Testes Perpétuos. Crie, compartilhe e jogue de forma fácil câmaras de teste projetadas pela e para a comunidade do Portal 2. Faça a sua parte! Contribua para a Ciência!
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Coleção por Daniel Shilvock
All my CO-OP chambers.
portal 2 maps
Coleção por crest
Coop Pack
Coleção por Booker DeWitt
My History Coop Maps
Single Player Pack
Coleção por Booker DeWitt
My History Single Player Maps
Tromaxtator COOP chalange
Coleção por Tromaxtator
Gel Series
Coleção por SevenSilhouette
Each map contains three test chambers featuring its respective gel type.
Entrance to awesomeness
Coleção por Bender_The_Great
A colection of tests for all dificulty levels. Enjoy!
La collection Portal 2 des "Workshopers"!
Coleção por opino72
FR : Ceci est la collection regroupant toute les salles de test de Portal2 et les collections de salles de test de Portal 2 des membres du groupe "Les Workshopers" "(LW[FR_EN_ES])" : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Les_Workshopers EN : This is the co
P01 Coop Test Chambers
Coleção por Michael P01
These are the P01 cooperative test chambers. play them all with a friend. Achievements: Still in the game: Make it through test chamber 8 without you, your partner or your cubes dieing. Hidden Friend: Find the hidden companion cube in test chamber 1
Parallel Universe Cooperative Testing
Coleção por Thunder
Hello and Welcome While making those other apertures pay for test chamber construction, we've decided to start planning Co-op test chambers. What we are expecting to accomplish with these tests is still unknown. But do not worry! All data is going to be
d3adly testing
Coleção por d3adly_canuck
I will group my creations here. Levels will continue to be added throughout the summer!
Discover the Cubes
Coleção por Le Jaratéka
Discover all types of cubes !
blue-orange (fun maps for two players)
Coleção por CanardMan
maps with gels and fun (I hope) vote for the collection please ! thanks for testing guys and girls !
Avatar Portal2 Level
Coleção por Lite
Хотите попробовать что-то новое? Тогда это для вас!
how to destroy turrets
Coleção por The Token Gay
I made this collection to celebrate turrets and the many ways to kill them. Also, if you can't stand the way turrets shoot at you it is to take revenge. Or if your bored these levels will take up 10 minuites in total. This next test envolves turrets
Tyler's Chambers
Coleção por Lord Chunker
Just A Collection Of All My Test Chambers.
Tyler's 1st Collection
Coleção por Lord Chunker
My 1st Collection
Pika's tests
Coleção por Hey, Pika!
Here I'll put my creations, hope you enjoy them :D
Made2build's Test Masterpeices
Coleção por Thyther
This collection contains ten tests that build off eachother, teaching the vitals similar to the main game, then branches off to difficult puzzles.
Important Choices
Coleção por HJOW
There are some switches, or buttons. You can turn on, or press them which make your path correctly. Also, there are some switches (or buttons) you must not touch. So, you should see everything and make a dicision. I uproad testrooms with self-test.
Coleção por Yeezy
Jigglypuff's Chambers
Coleção por DirkNiblick
My collection of test chambers. These chambers subscribe to the notion of making the problem solving "fun". Exploring the environment and putting the pieces together for that "ah ha" moment when you realize you figured it out.
[SP]The Companioncube
Coleção por Tschilkroete
These are my first story based Portal 2 maps!
Collection de John-X
Coleção por John-X
Toutes les maps créées par John-X.
Sector Testing
Coleção por Mr.Ket
A small collection of test rooms. The collection will be regularly updated with new tests!
Coleção por Man-Man
My items
The Butters Pack
Coleção por Butters Stotch
A collection of simple but challenging tests that you will find simply challenging. Note that this collection is mandatory for all employees grade 7-A. Meals will not be provided but you may bring a sack lunch. All liquids must be stored in a covered conta
Coleção por aero
Coleção por KoreańskiKrólDyskotek
Can you do it again?
Coleção por LPChip
This collection features maps that will make you solve a puzzle to press a button. The magic lies in changing the puzzle and let you do it again. Can you solve the same puzzle again once it has changed slightly?
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