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Câmaras de teste. Pela ciência.
Boas-vindas aos Laboratórios Aperture, lar da Iniciativa de Testes Perpétuos. Crie, compartilhe e jogue de forma fácil câmaras de teste projetadas pela e para a comunidade do Portal 2. Faça a sua parte! Contribua para a Ciência!
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Alpha Complex - By Sector Alpha Community
Coleção por [SA] Cosmosquark
http://sector-alpha.net. A collection of maps made by the Sector Alpha gaming community. Hope you can solve them all. Also, check out the Sector Alpha gaming community website on http://sector-alpha.net. There should be some new puzzles every n
Tbrix's Faith Plate Tests
Coleção por Krytie TV
Faith plate tests
Anti-Depression Initiative
Coleção por Bounty Fresh
The ADI promises that your money is not going to waste. The 10% that goes to the Potato A.I. is not fake and is indeed real. We will not subject you to tests. Your money is as valuable to us as you are to it. Our vegitarian friends are very thankfull for y
Dark Halls
Coleção por JazzyP
A series of portal 2 test chambers entitled 'Dark Halls' made by JPiiONEFOURONE
The Joker Games (Hard)
Coleção por Chris Kael
You get more funny, if you do'nt die!
SuperLegoMan100's test chamber pack
Coleção por ViperSLM
My first test chamber pack i ever made. there will be about a total of 30 test chambers. Every test chamber will be made every day.
Inside Wheatley
Coleção por duSn
Portal 2 test chambers with a Wheatley flavor. Yum, delicious!
My collection map
Coleção por Sweety Ashley
Thank you for visiting!
Sysalo Labs
Coleção por Bravo
Sysalo Labs
Aponyture Science
Coleção por Tindall Berry
The fine creations of Aponyture Science can be found right here for your convenience
Earth #42 - Take it easy
Coleção por Ircza The Prophet
My collection of easy tests from Earth #42 (my Earth).
Focus Testing
Coleção por Chupacabra
A collection of Test Chambers made for Portal 2, published onto the Steam Workshop on 10/05/12. This was an assessment piece for my Game Design Course at QANTM Melbourne.
Coleção por Godu92
I hope you can think in four-demensional cubes...
Snowflakes super happy fun time
Coleção por Kyle
This is my super happy fun time test line.
Sace's File Cabinet
Coleção por CAF.Sace
This is just a collection of all of the Test Chambers I have created. Please enjoy, and if you do enjoy Subscribe, thumbs up! ANY tips, bugs, ideas you have that might improve a map, I am all ears, so thank you in advance
Dalek Testing Initiative
Coleção por Scatterbrain
This a collection of all of the maps made by the Cult of Skaro Steam Group. More Tests are constantly being added.
Ben-V0-Leo's Test Chambers
Coleção por Black379
A collection of test chambers created by the "human relations" personality core, Ben-V0-Leo. This collection will expand to contain several new test chambers in the future, the likes of which are both innovative, and stolen (probably from an octopus or som
Comics Series Vol 1 - AWALT
Coleção por AWALT
This collection contains three tests featuring the name of Marvel characters. Each test features a description that gives some insight into that (those) character(s).
This is the Only Chamber
Coleção por Binary
Hello there, Test subjects! We've got a little experiment for you! And you know the best part? There's only one test! 'Aint it great? Stay tuned for Part 2 later!
The Periodic Table of Testing
Coleção por Mikfoz
117 different maps that are named after elements. Each element will have something to do with the map.
Entlabs ~ Maximizing your potential
Coleção por Kyul
These are my first 4 maps, with many to come. I hope you enjoy my simplistic style to these puzzles, with less clutter and more thinking and reasoning. Any feedback is appreciated. If you find a puzzle has a loophole or a "way-to-easy" solve please
william collect
Coleção por Goytoy
Tears of Chell
Coleção por GatoNevermind
Here you have the collection of tears of chell, I will upload chapters from time to time, I guess every week, I hope you enjoy! for ErWiflis
Canazza's Kaizo Collection
Coleção por Glenfiddich
Kaizo: Japanese Translates as Hacked (or Asshole) What is this? It's both. Created by Dave Canazza http://www.canazza.co.uk Created using the Perpetual Testing Initiative. These chambers are designed to test three things: 1) Your skills. Some
Done In 5
Coleção por TXTCLASS
Maps that can be completed in 5 minutes. No lies here people, 5 minutes. So what are you waiting for?
Coleção por ⎛⎝TeD⎠⎞
A collection of all CrapTeD chambers. by TeD
Coleção por Cybaerheavy
Cybaer´s Thedarkchambers cap.01 Redqube
Vortex TestCenter | LevelPack
Coleção por Nikpls VR
A Collection of all "Vortex TestCenter" Levels.
Chip Testing Initiative
Coleção por TheMinion9
A series of puzzles that are going to be in my Despicable Me and Portal 2 Crossover story (which is coming out in summer on deviantART). There's a story line to the puzzles but it won't be revealed until Summer. A series of puzzles that start off easy b
The Grandma Saga
Coleção por mattStrelow
You went to your grandma's to take some tea, and woke up in her basement! Take on this crazy journey out this endless maze! [Maps will be uploaded through time]
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