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Alexspeed´s Steam Greenlight Picks
Collection by Alexspeed
I've seen things you gamer's wouldn't believe. AAA-Games ruined because they are only on Origin. I watched Indies glitter in all those Bundles and on GamersGate. All those moments will be lost to Steam Greenlight... like the sale you missed... Time
Collection by Rafaello
Games are my life
Happy GrennLight
Collection by Ziliotto
Proyectos prometedores
Collection by Tau
Colección de proyectos anunciados en Greenlight que pintan muy bien.
Indie Games
Collection by Tuong
My Indie Games Collection ...
Collection by Madhukori
Made in Spain
Collection by vEK
¡Colección de juegos hechos en España! ;3 Games collection made in Spain!
FullBlast Greenlight
Collection by UFO Crash Games
FullBlast is a retro style vertical Shoot'em up that will delight nostalgic players who have grown up playing SHMUPS on arcade machines. FullBlast's graphics are inspired on titles from the 80's and 90's, but using current technology and visuals, so it
Greenlight™ Must Have!
Collection by [CPC] NoV4CoRpS
Collection by spica
Wish list
Shmups and more
Collection by KUZE
shoot ’em up STG
Interesante Games
Collection by Maverick310579
I'm approve
Collection by Unicorn Suicide
Happy Fun Games!
Collection by Aldon Fried Boon Pookle
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