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Greenlight Spaaace! Bundle
Collection by Arkblade
this is the space game collection for greenlight. list not contain * typical shoot'em up * does not include any space flight / space science / space physics / space themes / like EVA if you want to add to list. please write a comment.
League of extraordinary Games
Collection by ☠✠☩ Mr.Nekator ☩✠☠
A collection of (hopefully) formidable, upcoming games from the strategy/RPG/(Action)-adventure section. -------------------------------------- due to the now easier way to add games this collection should always be more or less at an up to date leve
Greenlight™ Must Have!
Collection by [CPC] NoV4CoRpS
lOrD gHoSt´s Sammelsurium
Collection by lOrD gHoSt
heyooooo, mein sammelsurium von games die ich auf steam sehen möchte. mehr oder weniger ^^ einige natürlich mehr als andere. Ich hätte gerne ein spiel wie Nox. Aber anscheinend steh ich hier ziemlich alleine mit diesem wunsch rum... :( als erste
The Get In My Library Collection
Collection by FletchWazzle
I examine the Greenlight submissions for interest & ideas, checking back & re-examining others. This collection is represenative of things that I might actually buy. Some are day one gimme-gimmes, others are wishlist sitters to be honest. But these are the
Games Espaciais
Collection by Raige Jamart
Aqui estão jogos espacais interessantes que serão lançados futuramente
jeux prometteur à surveiller/promising video games to watch
Collection by DemonKiller
Games to get excited about
Collection by Epiales
These are the upcoming games on Greenlight that I'm excited about. As I don't get excited easily by games, they're probably worth checking out. ;-)
Collection by Yura 유라
This is mah collections
sci junky
Collection by Maniacle
My collection is for those of us that love science fiction this is where i am listing some of the games that i most look foward to enjoying hope everyone likes
Greenlit Games
Collection by djole381
Moja kolekcija odobrenih igara
Game de Naves Espaciais eAventura Intergalacticas
Collection by [BR] Zeratus_1970
Para Aventureiros Galácticos! ou Que sonham com as Estrelas... parece ser um bom jogo de vivência virtual científica, vejo que o foco é voltado para Exploração Espacial e descoberta de Novos Mundos, tudo em Alta resolução, trilha sonora muito boa, Interfac
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