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Containing item: "Komainu Mask"
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Make it happen
Collection by Harizonia
Anything in this collection are things that I think NEEDS to be added into TF2.
Halloween 2013
Collection by RED Floyd /(Weber)\
A collection of items for Night of the Living 3/Halloween 2013. Of course more will be added!
Best of the Best
Collection by Finally Free!
These items are things that should be added before the next crate, YEAH TALKING TO YOU NEXT CRATE. Look at all these badass hats and weapons that you're TOO GOOD for a bask upon the collection that respects the works of art these items are. Anyways enjoy
Kannon Kollections (TF2)
Collection by Zable
Kannon Kollections is a collection of workshop items i have found that i think fit into the lore and universe of the game in question, or in the valve universe in general. I will be adding to these collections as time goes on, Suggestions and criticisms we
Zable's Halloween Heads-up
Collection by Zable
Compilation of the recent Halloween workshop items that i think are of good enough quality to be considered placement in the actual game... Most of these are due to the recent "Night of the living update" event being held by
Halloween 2013 Submitions
Collection by The Barton of Stories
Collection by Faxi
jeg samler på ting til mine spil!! :D
Awesome Workshop Items Valve Should Add
Collection by Binddz
Just awesome workshop items, that I think Valve should add.
my fav holloween items 2013
Collection by ZeroKite
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