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Collection by Kuzymich
Good Games worth Playing
Collection by Gearspecs
This here is a collection of Games that I think would other developers like myself learn more.
My Favorite Games! (From Steam Greenlight)
Collection by Daniel3131҉♤
Hello there! Visitors. Welcome to my one of the collections and this collection is mainly focusing on the games that I liked/favorited & also should deserve on the steam! And also help me ratings & share this to anyone you know. Thank you! Here's my ow
Grenn que te quero Green !
Collection by Alex Blues!
Jogos Inteligentes não importando se são feitos com grandes engines de gráficos fantasticos ou simples!
Collection by BralamPT
Really checking what this is about....
Indie Games
Collection by ✪ I n d i e
Youtube Collection
Collection by 1T1Leevi
youtube top games What is Playing And Recording On youtube
My Favorites
Collection by Ultrabot
This is a collection of my favorite
Collection by blatat
All of the best :D
fajne gry
Collection by #VAC ♕ Young Samfart
- mozna z niej wybrac najlepsze gry :D
Dont forget about these...
Collection by CodeManDeluxe
Under Construction. Information is missing after first publishing.
TAM's Amazeballs Collection
Collection by Napbak.skrr
Games that are completely amazeballs and need to be on the Steam store!
Collection by Marble
Collection by jindomino
Collection by SerXZ
В этой коллекции собраны интересные или достойные внимания игры из Steam GREENLIGHT The collection covers interesting and notable games from Steam GREENLIGHT
Jeux attendu
Collection by MaGiKCieN
Greenlight Collection :P
Collection by Zayn
Its my collection for Greenlight. All you need to know. :l
Tywyllach's Greenlight Collection
Collection by Overcooked Pineapple
Games you should vote for or check out :D Tried to add most of the games that I thought were noteable but some aren't on Greenlight. So the few that aren't on I'll just add them in the descrpition. I'll update from time to time. - Moon Hunters (Kic
Retro Games with Pixelated Graphics
Collection by Pixelbuster
These games are all stylized in an 8-bit/16-bit styled game with Pixelated graphics similar to the style of graphics found in many retro consoles such as NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, etc.
Greenlight Collections
Collection by Savoll
izi brizi
Collection by Стрела 19
my fucking colection /
Collection by ComicallyFamous
Games that I would like to get
Collection by PHsaraiva
Collection by Fazzaxe
It's Indie Darling
Collection by Dual Good
This is an unpretentious list of decent indie games...
Collection by midgetman2456
Collection by [InUrF8ce] Lock2002
Games I need
Collection by Qwatwaffle
This is a collection of games that I need to purchase and play in the future no matter what. All life depends on it!
Good Collection
Collection by MAKU! #ERROR
Collection by Quill
my fps green lights
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