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100 of The Best Greenlight Games of 2014
Collection by iPwnTV
Here is a list of greenlit (whether released or not) games to get, or to look forward to getting. greenlight is a great place for community made games, so why not give you a list of select greenlight titles from 2012 all through today! please leave a rat
Cube's Box of Gems
Collection by -=TcG=- Cube
This collection are my personal favorites on Greenlight and are a mixture of various genres picked for effort, quality story lines, solid gameplay, innovation and original ideas, retro throwbacks, and great potential.
Aguardando o lançamento
Collection by Luke
Lista de jogos do Greenlight que eu aguardo lançamento.
Collection by gogol1er
horror survie
Juegos que molan
Collection by Radicalero
Juegos de todo tipo
Games i really Need
Collection by I Cry During Sex
This is a collection of games that i really would like to PLAY!!!!!
Collection by zippot3
Tämä on Boxi
Tower Defense Games
Collection by Efreak Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
A large number of tower defense games. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. Some of them are dead in the water (failed kickstarter + no activity from developer = dead). I'm not here to make decisions. I'm just tracking them. Keep in mind that I won
Steam: Greenlight Collection
Collection by jxnplays
A personal collection of my favorite games on the Steam Greenlight and Greenlight Concepts pages. If you comment below with a link to your game, I will delete it. If I like your game, I'll find it on my own and add it.
Collection by H3LLxR4Z3R
This collection is an extesive list of the games that (in my opinion) are the most promising to be great indie titles. I've carefully combed through ALL of the Greenlight games up to 5:44 PM 7 Nov. 2013 and MORE will be added to this collection soon.
Horror Collection
Collection by Vraca
If you like to play horror games and would like to see some good titles on steam, here is a list I've made for you.
Collection by aesopn
What game i like
Collection by cmc-65
Collection by Bigguns 93
good zombie games
Collection by Grå Gås
these are zombie games on greenlight dat r epic
Collection by Emperor Trump
買ります 今からだけ買ります
First-Person Zombie Survival Games
Collection by Rose
This is a work of titles that offer a zombie survival experience usually in a big open world and in first person. Games like DayZ,Infestation Survivor Stories/WarZ,7 Days to Die, The Dead Linger,ETC. Some games here may be better than others if you want my
Collection by Acanthia
Best games that i might buy
Collection by Rats
Those games are good my opinion
Green Light
Collection by boogie2988
Collection by Velocisto
Upcoming Awesome Games
Collection by Ultimate Unlucky Rodent
The title says it all bro.
My Collection
Collection by AJB2COOL
Collection by Yung NigNog
Collection by Aeromaniac [Rich Chigga]
My GreenLight Collection
Collection by Gumbercules007
My GreenLight Collection
5anity's Action RPG game collection
Collection by DarkriteLORD
Just my basic little new collection of exciting RPG games I'd like to see greenlit and played.
Voxel Games
Collection by KKO
Games based on voxel technology.
Games to watch
Collection by Dogzilla716
games that need to get on steam
Collection by StarFighter20
these games need to be added to steam for all to see and enjoy
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