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Great upcoming shmups
Collection by Khnemu
A collection of great upcoming shmup titles on Steam (greenlight campaign, already greenlit, etc.) !
Collection by Andre1986
Mittlerweile gibt es immer mehr Survivalgames mit den verschiedensten Ansätzen, Engines und Online Features, sowie verschiedensten Welten. DayZ scheint momentan zwar noch der Vorreiter zu sein, allerdings kommt immer mehr Konkurrenz auf den Markt. Hier
Wanted games
Collection by [LP] Xtreme_Dummy | μT |
This is the list of games that the biggest derp in the world wants... You might even see me play it on my channel!
Possibly interesting games
Collection by Long Plays
Possibly interesting games, but too early to tell.
Collection by zzzz
I am not sure what is interesting to others, but it's interesting to me?
Steam Worthy
Collection by Self Deprecation
Just a few games I deem worthy of being part of Steam, I'm a picky person to satisfy so the selection should be interesting
I'm so gonna buy it!
Collection by lunchweek
I'm so gonna buy it!
There you go..
Collection by AbsolutSleep
A collection of the games we need..
Collection by •҉Augustus
Fun games and things.
Collection by Jaunty
Shmups, 2D Platformers, Fighters, it all goes here. Straight-forward controls and easily grasped mechanics.
Hero Engine Games
Collection by Mr Conflicts
Ever wondered what games have been made using the Hero Engine source or toolset provided by Idea Fabrik? Well this list provides all the games that have made it to steam or steam greenlight that have been created with the Hero Engine.
My Greenlight
Collection by Ken_Mester
My Collection! ...xD
Collection by SteelPork
Downloadable Contentment: Looking Forward
Collection by Rayne Shepard
This is a collection of games that I want to keep an eye out for and hopefully write about.
All Types of Look-like-Fun-Games!^^
Collection by gomoraner
A small List of different Games which should get a chance!
Good well thought out games that I like
Collection by Manwithgun
I made a collection! Look at it, bask in it's glory! My favorite game in this collection is Black Mesa. You should add it to a collection like I did. This is the fifth sentance, probably. I learned about these games on the internet, which is a
Collection by Gustavo
Collection of items for greenlight.
Flying Pix Collection
Collection by NemesisZidar
Indie Games you should keep an eye on. If u love the Pixel Oldschool Look with the spirit of actual gameplay technics, like i do, try em out and get them greenlit. Keep it up.
The Green room
Collection by puNDuKE
My personal favorite Steam Greenlight games. NOTE: Some might have already passed greenlight.
Collection by am1goo
Collection :)
Collection by Godpage
Collection by Nito
Greenlight shooter
Collection by die_hash
Big Bash
Collection by jethropem
I Like Games!
Collection by Praxius
They Interest Me.
Chopstick Try Hard's favorites
Collection by Rubik's "Bacon" Cuber
My favorite Steam games!
Greenlit Collection
Collection by Hingle McCringleberry
This collection has Greenlit games in it only...
Juegos Greenlight
Collection by -[C.E.A]- Dragon
Favorite Greenlight Titles
Collection by Nocturne
Games I am looking forward to purchase/play.
Cool games that need votes!
Collection by Chrixeleon
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