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Greenlight Collection
Collection by rEddiC67
das muss ich haben :D
Collection by ABSURDi
Ein muss in jeder Ego-Shooter Spielesammlung
Collection by Мотор Бле@ть
игры которые мне по душе
Collection by HolyBelly
Collection by DranK
Something interesting or not
Collection by Pikes Stoman
Car games
Collection by Join42
my collection be based on car games and its special because everyone who loves cars can check car games from my collection
Interesting Gaming
Collection by Warrior
Mango Approved Games
Collection by You Are a C U N T
These are games approved by me, the Mango, THE GOD!
Games for the blind
Collection by Idea Cabin
Games that can be enjoyed without the use of your eyes for both blind players and sighted players that want to try something new. Can you survive without your sight?
Collection by TheAlone
Collection by Spider2222
Стоит Ожидания
Collection by 1707 LOLI
Новеллы, Игры и всё прочее
Double Coconut Games
Collection by Double Coconut
Games published by the Double Coconut collective!
Collection by _ПЕНТАЛГИН_
Anime Game Collection <3
Collection by Gabriel Tenma White
I gathered Anime games from Steam workshop for you. Some games are available in stores and can play them, and the rest - not available. But you can help them get on the Steam store shelves.
U Game Me
Collection by U Game Me
This is a collection of "U Game Me" titles which have been greenlit by the community or awaiting the greenlight.
Greyborn Studios Games
Collection by Greyborn Studios
Games created by Greyborn Studios.
WoolyBugs Greenlight Favorites
Collection by I3lackI3eard
WoolyBug's favorite Greenlight games and products. Note: Items here are listed as being a favorite at the time they are added. Features being removed or changed can cause an item to be removed from this list.
steam greenlight spotlight
Collection by Kick Me
These greenlight/greenlit games are the best of the best
Collection by NerZul
Collection by IronGrey
Collection by Rusty Glasses
Favorite Games That I Want To See Happen!! :D
Collection by | Lesser |
Collection by USSR is Bae
Winged Cloud (Sakura)
Collection by ArDon99
Collection by キリト
lots of games that people should have a look at
Games that can change the world
Collection by Xavizard Knight
We know the videogame industry as: "the most played idea will make more money, so copying this idea will give you money"; but some games go in a different way, and this chosse makes a game with a secret message or a simulation that the player will understa
karen kujo 3
Collection by PlayedDrop
karen kujo
Collection by PlayedDrop
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