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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Franken Race
Collection by supertrooper (S.T)
The Annuall Franken Cube race is taking place because atlas and p-body randomly stopped working and glados cant turn them back on. oddly it happens on the same day every year. unrealistic story aside pls enjoy the race to the death! :D this isnt a puzzle....
Collection by ViviAn
Sheet Surprise
Collection by Sheethead
Some unique and challenging Portal 2 maps. Created by Sheethead Tested by §†ig, skyjoo, and BSrimrider118 Enjoy and I'm sorry
Portal 2 Coop
Collection by FechterMV
Blah blah blah, genug geredet!
sandvitch land
Collection by PootisMan
I have a test chamber from thinking with time machine
10 Seconds!
Collection by rodo3
Get through the challenges before the lasers turn back on.
Science with your boi
Collection by Uncle Kacper
GLADoS's scraped tests
Collection by Slapsfaceonkeyboard
(note: the image was just there so i had one, it means nothing) The test series i made where i had to use the in game creator and make 10 tests some harder than the last, some on the same level, and some are mixed, have fun!
pool puzzle
Collection by
NOTE: THE SERIES ISN'T COMPLETE YET. Pool puzzle is a series of challenging and high quallity puzzles like almost any other puzzle in the portal 2 community test chambers. BUT WAIT! There is a catch! all of those puzzles is happening above a dangerous p
Co Op Maps
Collection by mr skeltal
co op
Collection by Ramen
andrew is gay
Corgital's Tests
Collection by Corgital Strike
Kaineraid's Test Chambers
Collection by Kaineraid
Collection by landonzk10
Track Aether Bravo - Inspired Maps
Collection by Intense [] Last
These maps are inspired by or inspire VeTI locations (or tests) but not in it. The background is Abandoned (EP15) inspired by Track Aether Bravo - Test 2/7 for example
The path to the cake! (new history)
Collection by DarkPro 5080
Here are collected maps of history, The path to the cake!"
Portal 2
Collection by EGG SALAD
Flametusk & ℳadeye
Collection by ℳadeye
Collaberatively made maps from ℳadeye and Flametusk. Most often Flametusk will be responsible for the puzzle, and ℳadeye responsible for the hammer work.
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