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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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My Logical Puzzles
Collection by Loading...
I like making puzzles so I made this collection to show off my best test chambers.
Synergy Saga
Collection by daibralke
All of the SYNERGY levels in one collection. Easy!
My Unmodified Chambers
Collection by 2MUCH2FORT
My unmodified chamber series
Narbacular Drop: Adaptation for Portal 2 (Level 1-5)
Collection by Товарищ Мяузер
Вольная адаптация уровней игры Narbacular Drop под механику Portal 2. Перенесены и адаптированы уровни с 1 по 5, финальный уровень "Fire With Fire" не перенесен из-за того, что загадки как таковые на нём отсутствуют. Так же не оставлено никакого намека
The Basics.
Collection by NickPDX
portal 2's my test room
Collection by POW POW КОТЭЙКА
Just Relax - A Relaxing Portal Series
Collection by KazerLight
You don't want to think ? You want to wander around, just to relax ? This series of maps is made for you.
Toastys Portal Shit
Collection by Toasty∞
Liam's Test Chambers
Collection by Bitsen
Prepare to be frustrated...
Payback time for turrets
Collection by daloboy
They enjoy seeing us die...let's turn the tables!
3D Laser Puzzles
Collection by daloboy
From small to large rooms full of laser puzzles!
Ariel Fate Plate
Collection by TheSmartIdiot
Ariel Fate Plate is a series of puzzles involving flinging and other sorts of constant mid-air movement.
Collection by Huntbook
Thinkbox is a series of puzzles that all fit in 5x5x5 meter area. But small puzzles are not always easy, and Thinkbox puzzle do indeed belong in that category. Enjoy!
order of things
Collection by potat
Portal 2: Jan 16th
Collection by PhilH
Levels made for mr Jan 16th Still trying to get the hang of this!
Hall of Flame: Trial by Fire Contest Winners
Collection by Paper
This is a collection of the winners of each Trial by Fire Contest. The items are sorted by contest, with the first item being the winner of the first contest, the second the winner of the second, etc.
Portal 2 Co-op maps
Collection by tr pr dr
bla 1234
Collection by willyandme
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