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Treasure of the Living Tomb [Treasure Chest]
Collection by Sith Happens.
LiveWorkshop & Star Ladder have partnered up to bring you 6 Hero Bundles for Star Ladder season XII, including a full Sniper set!!! Browse through the bundles and discover all new mutiple items per hero, spell effects, hero effects, animations and neat li
Sniper SteamPunk
Collection by Pryxas
Long years of exile taught Kardel to live far away from Knollens. Only true friend Kardelly (his rifle) and machinery helped to survive in this dangerous world. Долгие годы изгнания научили Кардела жить в дали от Кнолленцов. Только верная подруга Кардел
Ravenguard weapon and armor
Collection by tfmcmahon
Armor and weapon collection for Drow ranger. Resubmitted using the new submission tool.
Oblivion Machine
Collection by AstraZeroZak
Clockwerk set.
Highborn Reckoning
Collection by Vextrakt
The remaining heir to dusty ruins, rage manifests upon Riki. Wearing the relics of his regal past, he hunts his family's betrayers and vindicates them of their crimes - with death.
ESL One Frankfurt 2014 Compendium Stretch Goal Items
Collection by bounchfx
This is a collection of items for the ESL-One 2014 Compendium tier rewards. Base prize pool is set at $150,000 The tiers are as follows: Tier 1 - Battle Booster - $150,000 - UNLOCKED! Tier 2 - ESL One Frankfurt loading screen - $160,000 - UNLOCKE
Harboured Assassin
Collection by Hawf
Those who fish the oceans to death will only bring it upon themselves.
The Crimson Prince
Collection by Sith Happens.
Watch how DOTA2 sets are designed, sculpted, textured and more, live on LIVEWORKSHOP!!! Interact with creators, learn new techniques, workflows, best practices, suggest ideas or just hang out and enjoy the live art. ○
Ancient Ruins Tiny set
Collection by Nateo
While searching for his origins, Tiny came across rumors of a temple that gave life to stone. As it turned out, this temple was not Tiny's origin and actually turned life into inanimate stone. The nature of the stone giant completely confused the curse's p
Rhino Warrior Set
Collection by SeaMir
Make your Spirit Breaker charge like Rhino!!! Its FAST and STRONG!
Legacy of Midas
Collection by GGGG
In the early years of King Ostarion Empire, he came upon the golden kingdom of King Midas. Ostarion knew that in order to expand his empire he would need wealth and no other realm had it in more abundance than that of King Midas, the man with the golden to
Curse of the Malignant Corruption
Collection by Zipfinator
Far away beneath the Sunken Cities and through the Infernal Hollow, Buki'vak the Corrupted dwells in the depths forever expanding his corruption throughout the sea. Hearing of his power, Lion seeked to harvest his parts for a fresh demonoplasty. After a st
Babka the Baba Yaga Courier
Collection by Chemical Alia
A creepy creature from Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga is a magical, scary grandma who lives in the deep forest and flies about in a mortar and pestle. Babka comes with 3 different color styles: Traditional (red), Blue, and Ghoulish (neutral colors), so yo
Sage of Hazadal Desert
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
The Phantom Army
Collection by nights-x
Phantom Army set, hope you like it, dont forget to give it a thumbs up if you do, and check the other items of the set to give them a thumbs up too :)
Collection by Threepgood!
Part of a Storm Spirit set created for the monthly polycount competition. Check out the thread here for some of the other great entries; See you next month!
Khaelthorn Arcanscape
Collection by Jim Carrey
A scream echoed through the air, a pain and agonizing scream. The atsmosphere was flatten, and the grass stiffened very fast.. Carl turned into a stone while he trying to use his magic to defense himself. Medusa smile "Look at me when I kill you." she sa
Vespertine Guard Set
Collection by Vayne
You can now get the Set from Treasure of the Distinguished Conqueror: The Vespertine Guard set for Abaddon has been in the making for some time but has finally been able to see the end of the tunnel.
Horns of the Eternal Dominance
Collection by .nullf
Infernal Demiurge
Collection by Kramol'nik
The time has come to reap burning souls. Hells bells are ringing – the master of lies coming to see you. Prepare. He's here!
Sabertooth Liger
Collection by sir_AXE
Mirana Set: Moon Rift
Collection by Jigglypuff
After dedicated herself completely to Selemene, Mirana possessed supreme power of Star. Even the forest auspicious monster was attracted by Mirana and become her most faithful partner.Given the powerful force,the light of her arrow will always be the las
Mad duke's armor
Collection by K-Pax
Hey guys,mad duke set is our new works for Alchemist. Hope you like it. Huge thanks for everyone that give us suggestion.If you liked ,Pls give it a thumbs up.thanks :) Design by K-Pax & HyrX and Forge core is new items creator group for dota2. T
Vein of the Demon's Curve
Collection by M3anBONE
Armor Set: Vein of the Demon's Curve - Vein of the Demon's Curve - Crown of the Demon - Claws of the Demon - Rags of the Demon - Demon's Iron Chest Thank you for visiting and rating my armor set! :)
Timeless Visages
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Despair Emotes
Collection by Grandma Cookiebaker
a collection of animated emotes for when you are having a very, very bad day.
Malevolent Mother
Collection by NME_XD
Malevolent Mother Set created for Broodmother. Concept, Model, Texture - NME Rig, Anims, dealign with all my BS - ToFo Roshaun, Deaodonas, NME on Marketing Material Set incluse head, back, legs, misc slot and spiderling.
Njord's Gift
Collection by Nannou
In the frozen Northlands of Cobalt there is a forest that defies the bone-chilling winds and sub-zero temperatures called "Njord's Hearth". It is a home to many creatures that took refuge from certain death that lurks on the glacial paths of these inhospit
Burned Bones set
Collection by Antoha_HS
Handmade armor, created from his victims of multicast.
Dark cruel tyrant
Collection by HyrX
Death can not stop the king's anger, king's revenge!
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