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Enchantress Wild Armor
Collection by ยังไม่ได้นอน
[Enchantress Wild Armor] Enchantress Helmet of wild
ES Lavashaker Set
Collection by Jigglypuff
Earthshaker set
Warrior Of The Past
Collection by Gumbata
Warrior Of The Past collection of all Magnus set Items. Arms, Head, Belt, Weapon, Miscellaneous.
Dota 2 Sniper items
Collection by Naylo
Dota 2 Sniper epic loadoutzzzz
The Tyrant's Order - set
Collection by PEAR
Treasures of the East
Collection by MisaMisa
When competing for the heaviest drinker at the Sundered Moon, the east one lost the contest and also his treasures. 在碎月传说的酒量大赛上,来自东方的人没喝到最后,他的宝贝也从此换了主人。
Collection by PLS DNT STP
Items will be added here often, so hope you like guys!
Dota 2 Kollektion from Rose
Collection by Madame Rose♥
Nur für Death Prophet und zusätzlich für das Game selbst.
Dota 2 - Shadow Courier
Collection by "The Man In The Suit"
Dota 2 - Shadow Courier
Rikimaru Hannya Assassin Set
Collection by
The Hannya mask is said to be demonic and dangerous but also sorrowful and tormented, displaying the complexity of human emotions. When the actor looks straight ahead, the mask appears frightening and angry; when tilted slightly down, the face of the demon
The Hollow Set
Collection by Ra
My submission for spring feel free to comment vote and critique. Thank you.
Armor of Jovis
Collection by dantey
An armor set given by the mighty god Jovis as a recognition of one's strength and power, only to corrode in a crypt for thousands of years. Only after this long slumber can the items be used again. While rusty and old, they still protect and serve the warr
DarkKyo's Spring2014 Items
Collection by Noxerus
A place to store my workshop creations for the upcoming Spring event.
Warhammer Bright Wizard
Collection by Paproch
Collection by Ǥยǥค
Eyescream the Ward
Collection by WRABIT
From now! Eyescream with prop, avalible not only for support!
Dota 2 Item in Game
Collection by DOTA-
Mask of the dragon
Collection by Skuggan
Sylvan Sentinel
Collection by ikeikeikeikeikeikeikeikeikeikeik
Stabby horse
Morphling - Metamorphosis of the shark - Ti 2017
Collection by TARANTINE
Morphling set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. [url=http:
Clinkz Fiery Sentinel Set
Collection by RazЁr
Fiery Sentinel Sifrat (2D concept & texturing) RazEr (3D modeling)
Pudge's New Bloom Colection
Collection by Mango
A collection containing Pudge Hook and Cleaver based on the New Bloom, Year of the Ram, event.
Glass of Neo
Collection by hyinya2
Glass for Invoker
New and Cool
Collection by COLDF33T
Skeleton King Sets
Collection by Lucky_Shooter
We need more items like these on the DoTA 2 store!
Glaives of Fury (Spring 2014)
Collection by Yanho
A Guan Dao/glaive once belonging to a legendary female warrior of the east. (2 color schemes) Weapon for Legion Commander.
Defender of The Depths
Collection by Strnr
Defender of The Depths set for Skywrath Mage made for TI7.
Shinobi Tracker's Garb
Collection by Snowstorm
A set of Shinobi themed items for Bounty Hunter
The Summit 3 Emoticons
Collection by BeyondtheSummit
A bundle of emoticons for the Summit 3!
Ol' Wooldies Craftings
Collection by M.D.House シ
Crafted from Meskat wood, even though extinct it doesn't look a day older since the day it was crafted.
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