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Tribal Fang
Collection by Wind
Armor set crafted by the villagers of the northern thundra, as payment for Gondar's services.
Radiant Wanderer
Collection by Zipfinator
Thanks for looking! Check out the individual item pages for in game screenshots.
Tengu Karasu Set (TKS)
Collection by macmaya
The origin of the legendary ninjas, the Tengu Karasu! started from the polycount DOTA 2 contest, here's my thread > Ok, here's my Original lore support my set. Additive/Adap
Halloween Vandal
Collection by Прафесианалиус
Halloween Vandal
The Charismatic Paladin
Collection by dazarkos
The Sunwalker
Collection by RocketAlex
Set for Invoker brought you by: Alex Polovov, Pavel Eryzhenskii, Lucian Acatrinei and Anton Pernachev
Nethers Reach Pugna Set
Collection by Dogmeat
These are all the items in my "Nethers Reach" item set for Pugna
The glory of the firmament 창공의 영광
Collection by KDL-01
The glory of the firmament 창공의 영광 -NEXON-
Collection by ES'Kophan
Hellborn set for Clinkz regular + crossbow weapon
Collection by ES'Kophan
Commander of the Eastern Legion
Collection by Sovreyn
Item set for Legion Commander
Deepsea Madness
Collection by Mory
While Tidehuter slept for long years, the animals took to his body.
Blades of Mercy
Collection by Evangelion
A small set for Phantom Assassin, made of two items: - Mortuary Blade - Misericorde After the polycount contents is finished, i will probably make a rest of the set.
Twin Slithereen Slicers
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
No Slithereen may fail!
DOTA 2 - Soundtrack Metal Pack
Collection by Arathrum
DOTA 2 Metal Soundtrack Pack Hey guys, some of you might already know me from my Youtube channel, even though most of you probably don't. I started analyzing the music of DOTA 2 and I noticed the combination of simplicity and complexity of the musical a
Valkyrie of the Forests
Collection by Hob
Valkyrie of the Forests
VoidSight Shards
Collection by hsdoge
The VoidSight set for Leshrac.
Sacred Shards
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
The Drake's Fortune
Collection by 123
Extreme Temperatures Gear
Collection by Zalak
Alchemist set! #Frostivus#Greeviling#WrathNight#Christmas
Horn of Rising Glory
Collection by HeeJae
Horn of Rising Glory
Huskar's Primal Weapons
Collection by Futushia
A dangerous combination of ritual war weapons made from an ancient stone.
Regalia of the Surging Storm
Collection by Nickel Beer
Spring 2014 for Naga Siren. It is said that a storm at sea is a rage that cannot be quelled. Slithice would be an avatar of the surge if it meant regaining her honor once lost.
Bonebreaker Set for Axe
Collection by Yuren3Ds
Collection by Квадратный Ламер
Desolators from Dota 2 workshop.
The Aegis of the Wood
Collection by Chris Stretten (Prophet9)
Weapon and armor used by Nature's Prophet while defending the wild wood from evil.
Imperial Rampage Set
Collection by Thnk
New Bloom 2015
Purifier blades
Collection by nights-x
new weapons for am, hope you like them ;) for in game screen see one of the items bellow
Tommy - Spring2014
Collection by TommytehZombie
My Spring 2014 items.
Black Orc
Collection by Chameleon
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