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Northern Warrior - Omniknight
Collection by BaRRacuDA
North paladin
Collection by Hao
Dota 2 - Creative Collection
Collection by Ðartzine
Sempre em busca de novidades.
Treasure of the Ancient Legacy
Collection by Sebastian
Buried for a millenia, the Treasure of the Ancient Legacy errupts from the ground seeking those who are worthy enough to wield weapons of untold power. It's visage radiates with resolve of countless heroes that fell searching for its contents
Divine Anvil
Collection by Crowntail
A set for Omniknight for the new Warhammer event. We hope you will like it.
Collection by daniDem
BigDaddy, BigMace. Made in collaboration with BigDaddy for Fnatic!
August Radiant Heroes Weapon Collection
Collection by K-Pax
All of weapon for radiant heroes. pls vote it if you like :) this is my blog
Collection by Chemical Alia
Some new manliness for Omniknight by Chemical Alia and Drysocket, made with SirActionSlacks! Also, check out the preview for Slacks' Omni voice pack, linked below! Of all the battles and campaigns that The Omniknight found himself tasked to oversee by
Sacred Custodian Set
Collection by CTaKaH_MoJIoKa
Omniknight_Guerra Hyde `Grand Crusader's Asylum
Collection by QWFY·青舞·飞扬·
ChiZ's Workshop
Collection by ChiZ
You can find all the sets I've created for the Dota 2 workshop in this collection. It will continue to be updated as I release new sets. Hope you enjoy my work, and thanks for your support!
Divine Enforcer
Collection by blossomalex
Omniknight - Divine Enforcer Set
Omniknight set of the Purist Champion
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Armor of Heavenly Light
Collection by [prosto-mogy]
We hope you like it :)
Wrath of the Righteousness Battlegear
Collection by DMN
Keen Workshop
Collection by Nannou
This is a collection of all the work created by Keen Workshop. Follow our Twitter and Facebook for upcoming projects and giveaways If you have questions
[SFD CUP] Holy Crusader Set
Collection by Sifrat
Semiprofessional and professional teams from South Russia are going to compete for a glory and the prize pool in the new Southern Federal District (SFD) Cup tournament. The winner will be determined in 3 months. This ticket grants the Holy Crusader Omnikni
Divinity Protector
Collection by Ti-Rex
Honor Code Set
Collection by Blacklake
“Respect, Honesty, Courage, Rectitude, Loyalty, Honour, Benevolence”
Brother Omni
Collection by tfmcmahon
Armor and weapon collection for Omniknight
Eternals Paladins Commander
Collection by HyrX
Hey guys, Eternals Paladins Commander Set is our new works .This set have two head version and shoulder version . Hope you like this set. Huge thanks for everyone that give us suggestion.If you liked ,Pls give it a thumbs up.thanks :) con
Cyborgmatt's Recommended Items
Collection by Cyborgmatt
This collection of items has been officially endorsed by Cyborgmatt.
Death Prophet
Collection by Chelsea
Omniknight Heavy Armor of the Hierophant
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Many years have passed since the hierophant was last seen, many years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of his legendary armor from the sacred temple of the omniscience. There are legends that claim the rise of the high priest to a higher spi
Collection by LSarun
The Unbroken Knight
Collection by Toasty
The Broken Knight http:/
Frost Guardian
Collection by LeveL 7
Omniknight new set. Hope u like it!!! Preview Ingame [img=
Treasure Of The Graced Weaponry
Collection by DotaFX
Imperial Guard
Collection by Sifrat
Omniknight "Imperial Guard" Set Sifrat - (2D) RazEr - (3D)
Collection of Aghanim's Scepters
Collection by Cyanistic
This collection of Aghanim's Scepters is not my own work but instead various other artists. I simply just gather them up into one nice package for everyone else to check out.
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