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QoP Proserpine V2
Collection by Daam
Silencer's Piercing Silence.
Collection by Boop
Collection of items for a Silencer set that's been in the making for a very long time! Time to shut up.
Curse of the Flaming Heart
Collection by luXor
The demon's fire will never die... BxBx: Concept art, Textures, Promo luXor: Models Workshop Tavern
Imperial Jade Armaments
Collection by yako
Kaolin the Earth Spirit in his great golden Armor. It was made for the one worthy leading the armys of the Emperor of the far east realms. Made for New Bloom 2015. Concept, 3D, Textures - yakonusuke Skinning - Crowntail
Torrid Armor (Axe)
Collection by liangbinge
update the texture and masks look better.
Savior of the Realm
Collection by Blender2Dota
His chin was hardly stubbly when he was summoned a lifetime ago. The silver bullet that spelled his exile during the ceremony sits nestled on a golden chain next to his heart. Then, it had seemed a curse; now, he couldn’t fathom returning to the clos
Story of the Drowned
Collection by Crowntail
Congenital Wrath Set
Collection by A1mb0t
Congenital Wrath Set for Leshrac by A1mb0t and SLIMEface
Admiral's Call
Collection by Clyptic
The captain goes down with his ship, but does he stay there?
Bloody beaks
Collection by Sebastian
Looks like birds skull...
Scuba Cat Summer 2014 Collection
Collection by Threepgood!
A collection of four items I made for the Dota 2 Spring 2014 event.
Obelisque Set
Collection by PenguinHD
Obelisque Set for Sven Hero
Armaments of Avilliva
Collection by BladeofAvilliva
A collection of items I've done for Dragonus and Shendelzare
Accurata Bow
Collection by Sebastian
For Drow Ranger
Vampire Hunter
Collection by Sebastian http://
Torments of the Seventh Plane
Collection by [prosto-mogy]
We hope you like it! :)
Ascended of the Aeol Drias
Collection by Chameleon
Owl Wisdom Set
Collection by Zalak
Darkroot Implements
Collection by Zipfinator
Modeling - Kiefen 'Zipfinator' Zipf | Concepting, Texturing, Promotional Art - Brea 'Fudgie Wudgie' Foster |
Ritual Set
Collection by AL
Seven smurf slaves of mine have been toiling around the clock for months to craft this set for you. Vote if I should finally feed them.
Garog Nightwing
Collection by
Garog's a warbeast courier inspired by mythical hybrid creatures. Originally created for the Warhammer competition as more of a sphinx, Garog's been revised here with lion facial features and updated textures. The horns, braids and face were repainted an
weapon for Spirit Breaker
Collection by 绝不弃坑
weapon for Spirit Breaker Designed for NanyangChampionships Hope u like it. <3 南洋杯国际锦标赛饰品 北冥玄冰
Meepo, The Graverobber
Collection by BananaDancer
Meepo is a thief and a trader who does what he must to survive, stealing, pillaging ruins, and haggling with the warlocks and Magi who find their way into his homeland. Life is tough in the Riftshadow Ruins, and you have to do whatever it takes to stay ali
Legacy of Giants Set
Collection by Sebastian
Set for MCS OPEN
Wu Sheng
Collection by Don Don
Ember Spirit set concepted by Ziedrich - @ZiedrichArt Model and texture by me @ArtByDonDon The default particle effects are still playing, unfortunately, so it will have to be replaced eventually. Also includes a blue color variant.
The Ultimate Conqueror
Collection by Ahoburg
The Ultimate Conqueror. The set worthy of a mighty Axe.
Ancient Order Set
Collection by DinoFetus
Armor of the ancient order set designed for the Silencer.
Abyss Walker
Collection by Zaphk
The captain that refused to die and now walks in the deep of the ocean.
Poseidon's Wrath
Collection by andyk125
Poseidon's Wrath
Haunted Clairvoyance
Collection by Hawf
An animated mask single for Rubick
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