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burning soul - Terrorblade Set
Collection by rozenkrans
Aeyuth's Reliquiae (Sven Set)
Collection by Meat4every1
here's the loading screen if you want a DESKTOP BG ;D Lore: Centuries long past, the Vigil Knights had hunted the black dragon Aeyuth, only achieving a single victory. In the codex it was written that this living blasphemy had
Sven's Armlet of Mordiggian
Collection by Greg
Svens code of the Rogue led him over many dangerous paths - none of them as vile as the one leading to the ruins of Shadeshore castle. Once the centre of Mordiggian's cult, it still had the mystical Armlet hidden in the depths. Now it saps the lifeforce fr
Nomel Gear
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Whisper of the unread book
Collection by Celths
Whisper of the unread book Here is our new set for Warlock, i hope you will like it !
Knollen Outcast
Collection by Bronto ⚡ Thunder
Planar Warlord Set
Collection by Stefco [Rusty Anvil]
The Planar Warlord rides forth out of formless mists, ground shaking under the powerful hooves of his warhorse Armageddon. He glows with the raw and barely contained might of Chaos, ready to unleash his power on the battlefield.
Vessel of the Captured Cosmos
Collection by KA'aS
Vessel of the Captured Cosmos
Omij, The Sentinel of Knowledge
Collection by Helenek
Spear of crimson Samurai
Collection by Eddy Shin
Hi guys. I'm Bao, from Viet Nam. This is the first item i made for DotA 2 after one year studying 3D modeling. I'm a beginner so it might not be perfect nor good, but i definitely will try to do better for the next project. I hope you guys will like it.
Collection by bounchfx
Converted Brewmaster
Collection by MASIC
Converted Brewmaster Loading Screen Ball Taunt
Patience for Prey
Collection by MOO
"Patience for Prey" Sitting in silence by the river, waiting patiently, baiting. Who will be next? Mask: Hide? Who's hiding? Take a good look, it shall be your last. Creel: Tide just made itself a fool by even trying. Bracer: Made from the skin of
DotaCinema Presents the Harbinger of the Elder Wyrms
Collection by @SUNSfanTV
DotaCinema presents the Harbinger of the Elder Wyrms Ultimate for Dragon Knight. This includes 3 completely separate models for each level of Dragon Knight's ultimate. Each dragon also comes with custom particle effects. Concept: kunkka Models/Textu
Susano-o's Descendant - Juggernaut
Collection by keinhangia
We imagine Juggernaut as Susano-o's descendant, the god of the Sea and Storm, who slayed 8-headed serpent Orochi. Comes with 2 styls for Arcana!
Enigma - Guardian of the deep -Ti 2017
Collection by TARANTINE
Enigma set for The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Call to Arms. http://i
Updates collection
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Collection that updates some of the really old cosmetics. Vote on the collection and individual items to let Valve know that you want them updated!
Rattling - The Baby Clockwerk
Collection by DotaFX
Styles Lockwixt
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Wladimir's Offering
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
Whispers of Madness
Collection by Oldrow
Hello all, this is my first submission to the workshop and 3d work, hope you enjoy it as much as i did creating it..! *v1.1 : Added alt style for the headpiece* A speedy video i made on the fly to show it ingame, I'll make a better one soon : https:
Solar Spirit
Collection by Toasty
Solar Spirit https://i
Titania's Fury
Collection by Nateo
Elder Titan- The Ancient One
Collection by Tidal Craftsman
A set for Elder Titan Created by Yakonusuke and Tidal Craftsman we hope you guys enjoy!
The Incurable Pestilence
Collection by GunJunkie
King of the Scintillant Waste - Sand King
Collection by YunL
Hi guys, Here is our new set for Sand King - King of the Scintillant Waste. Hope you all like it. thanks. http://i.i
Keith, twisted firestarter
Collection by ItsgoodForU
Keith, twisted firestarter
Diabolical Fiend
Collection by Graff
The Year Beast Slayer
Collection by Graff
Clockwerk`s Diving Armor
Collection by BaNdenG
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