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Treasure of Tahlin
Collection by BALERION
After the slaughter of his family, Riki decided to take revenge. He was hiding in mountains and caves. There was one cave where he found ancient treasure. The treasure of Tahlin. When he opened it he found golden weapons made by his ancestors. They were m
Outfit of the Honorable Guard
Collection by Engys Epangelmatikes
Pangolier set in image of guardsman.
Collection by .·:·.
RED HORNS SET Red horns Red horns shoulders Red horns arms Red horns belt Red horns tail Red horns weapon
Collection by westfear
Garments of the Unseen Sisters
Collection by Chrixal, Master of Minette
Although unseen by her victims, the Sisters of the Viel like to look good.
Hot arts
Collection by GodDeR ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Human Queen Of Pain
Collection by Bee-Otch
Just QOP being human
Skeleton King Vengenstone Set
Collection by jake
This is my Vengenstone set, I'm still learning 3D modelling but I'm quite happy with how they have turned out.
Dota 2 loadingscreens
Collection by 9misha
My loadingscreens for Dota 2
Collection by Kuber
Tempered blade
Collection by Никита Малафьяш
Tempered blade
SGT to atraleague
Collection by IGWTmenace
SGT to atraleague hud red and green.
vengaSet By fantic
Collection by enjoy
сделано fantic
Juggernout tool for the perfect salad
Collection by tOpesss
salad not included
Gift of Grace
Collection by Berry Salty Anime Gril
She shares grace..... grace of death.
Collection by Gear 4
my collections are the t17 immortals in dota2
dank memes
Collection by Radu ◥◣ ◢◤
Dank meme life chose me
Collection by dedacmar
Skeleton King Costume - The Dark Master
Collection by oanon
Skeleton Kings costume and body parts
Collection by Sufle
Hunter of the Blood Stained Sands - Head
Collection by 好运
Hunter of the Blood Stained Sands - Head
Collection by Mr. Big
Two blades call Lujiao for the Spring 2014 update.
Dota 2 Axe
Collection by Brando
Defiance Set
Collection by Jigglypuff
Huskar's Defiance set
IDIOT Collection
Collection by Praviiallah
Collection of map maked 4 great lulz.
Lich Custom Set
Collection by Ichijirushi Katsumoku
Lich Custom Set
Collection by volcano125
RazorTheLR's DotA 2 Collection
Collection by フリッキ
Nothing intresting. :)
dota 2
Collection by EC.Dark Lord
Collection by Karma
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