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new hero
Collection by John
Very good idea
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut (sword)
Collection by ilyya
Bloody Snow set of Juggernaut (sword) This design is inspired by Korea traditional patterns and mask.
Team Pennant MeetYourMakers [MyM]
Collection by S4
Team Pennant MeetYourMakers [MyM] International 4 . New Team Pennant
What Lies Beyond
Collection by The Dude (-☢-)
Reclaimed by the sisters from an unknown warrior's grave. Stolen a millenia ago, nobody was sure what had become of some of the most powerful artifacts ever to exist in the world at the hands of the Sisters. Many speculated that a Sister had betrayed
Collection by AlkoFleXR
Na'Vi HUD for Na'Vi FAN's and players.More likes pls)
Future Anti Mage
Collection by day
Treant protector
Collection by [z]Althair
Crearé items del Treant Protector cada cierto tiempo. el primero un luz espectral que lo guía durante la noche.
Icy Venom
Collection by m_claudiu21
Beauty of the desert
Collection by mmxart
Apollo Holy Light
Collection by 阿加西,阿西吧
the winter is coming, our hero with Apollo Holy Light will fight against evil and dispel the darkness.
Nether Sprite
Collection by Threepgood!
Curious and spontaneous, Puck exists in few and many dimensions at once. Its form constantly changing as it emerges from the Chrysalis to resume its playful antics.
Corrupted Warrior
Collection by growl
Jungle Survivor Set
Collection by YoshiVoador!
Sometime, somewhere Sniper got lost in the jungle... without supplies after an unknown event accident. This set was inspired by this event, and thus he had to fix his weapon and find protection with materials found at the jungle. The shoot
Глобальное наступление (loading screen)
Collection by Maxumen
Collection of the best characters in the game. Waiting for your positive comments and likes
Endless Rage
Collection by zl
Poopey Pudge
Collection by Hero For Fun
Poopey Pudge demoralizes his opponents with his utterly grotesque fecal presence. Instead of throwing a hook, he throws toilet paper in hopes that his enemies wipe that smirk off their face, along with other things. His rot is now 10x more lethal (exaggera
Blueheart Voyageur
Collection by Threepgood!
From the Blueheart Glacier to the uncharted depths of north west Cobalt, Tusk's journey found him battling friend and foe alike, all with the promise that a healthy brawl be finished with a round of drinks.
Squig №5
Collection by Ato Kim
Alluring Mesmer
Collection by Godzy
Velvety Ice
Collection by vyssuk
After reading carefully your feedback I decided to improve the set by adding a new cape as the old one couldn't work with the physics correctly as they are still not fully supported. I also made an improved loading screen, game captures and gifs images tr
A Fistful of Frags
Collection by mantoe
A Fistful of Frags Set. Inspired by the iconic "hero with no name".
[Dota 2] Spectre - Imperial Revenant Set Bundle
Collection by Kalahari_Krokonoster
Thank you for your interest in our work! Imperial Revenant - A cosmetic item set for Spectre. Credits: Sajedene - Concept - Promotion Video Lyether - Additional Texturing vertical - Modeling & Sculpting - Texturing - Marketing Material - Painting
Gift of the Severe Mountains
Collection by LSM
Wandering in Emauracus mountains, Thunderwrath came across the procession of dwarves. Old dwarf was on his kneels near the young man who suffered from avalanche. It seemed, that nobody was able to help the boy. Nobody, except Thunderwrath! Without delibera
Collection by f50
Collection by KaelRed
Esto no es un diseño de muñecas de Barbie esto es una Armeria para verdaderos Guerrreros. Look Noww
Collection by John aka your mom friend
всего по немногу
Clan ART Collection
Collection by Sindragosa
Dotas berrys
Collection by Lvl 1 Wizard
just some ideas on dota items
Samurai juggernaut. Kim.
Collection by The Ripper
Samurai juggernaut. Hello, DotA 2 players. I think that we all represent the juggernaut Samurai. Kim, sword and a black mask. All you need exquisite warrior sword. Thank you for voting.Отменить изменения
Collection by DRACULE*
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