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Grandmaster's Vestmens
Collection by mihalceanu[/img
Berserker Set - Centaur Warrunner
Collection by Daam
Set for Centaur Warrunner
Horror of Diabolic Horns
Collection by Legacy eSports
horror of diabolic horns
Puck - Snowflake Elf
Collection by [AG]LaughingSkyPig Plus
Puck - Snowflake Elf Click on the images below to see all sets:
Flaming Blaze Set
Collection by Qvajangel
Fire Princes
Resurrected By Demons - Set
Collection by Прафесианалиус
Resurrected By Demons
Corruption of the Glacial Aurora
Collection by TARANTINE
Wraith King - Corruption of the Glacial Aurora - Frostivus 2017 https://i.
Templar Assasin Desolator
Collection by F7urry
Ensemble of the Great Deluge
Collection by OrganizedChaos
Thanks for your support! :D This is now in game here-
Sick Nursery Set
Collection by Vukmir
Thorn Set
Collection by soul5tice
In the depths of the lush ever green stems the mighty Thorn set.
Unholy Emperor
Collection by PotmAngel
An Abaddon set for Warhammer based on the character Karl Franz Hope you guys enjoy it~
The Crimson Commander
Collection by Xajai
Throughout the Campaign of a Thousand Tarns, Axe grew his rank by blood. Both friend and foe learned to fear his blade as he swung wildly across the battlefield. Axe enjoyed battle far more than anyone before him. While a true warrior takes pleasure with
dancer of the flames set
Collection by DeathwishD01
this is lina's dancer of the flames set
Death Cutie
Collection by Aeiress
Corrupted Set of the Veil
Collection by Zacktor
As Phantom Assassin is one of my favorite heroes I figured it would be nice to give her a couple of new items that changes her appearance to have a slightly darker feeling to it. And so I've been working with this for a while and due to a lot of moving it'
Collection by A1[N]V
Tomb Kings
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
The Dead Drifter
Collection by Crowntail
Charged Reaper Set
Collection by STMKaras
Threepgood's New Bloom 2015
Collection by Threepgood!
A collection of new items I made for New Bloom 2015 and several older ones I remade from New Bloom 2014 with new models/textures/shaders
Legacy of Nether Reaches Set
Collection by luXor
Oblivion comes
The Last Conservator Warrior
Collection by Karkeng
My 5th set of workshop for Dota2 Earth Shaker - The Last Conservator Warrior set Cheers :)
Horns of the Astral Forge
Collection by MdK
Sanskrit Warrior
Collection by ItsgoodForU
Sanskrit Warrior set for Juggernaut
Lady of the Lumini Polare
Collection by Vermilion Wlad
International waters Pirate
Collection by 合金小强
International waters Pirate
Spring 2014
Collection by Reverend
Spring 2014
Chovan's Gang Gift
Collection by Zalak
Shortly after his escape from a captured kingdom, Riki joined a Chovan gang - crew of thieves and murderers. It consisted of such well-known assasin as Chovan Arrowy Tongue, Linkek Pantywaist, Fatso Fonvizel and Strigel Double-Talker. Riki became a respec
Demonic Upheaval - Warlock Bundle
Collection by Gumbata
A collection for the Demonic Upheaval Bundle which includes: Main Weapon Offhand Weapon Head Shoulder Belt Back Arm Infernal Loading Screen
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