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Deathcap Fairy
Collection by Toasty [url=
Blacksmith Underlord
Collection by down_limit
Blacksmith Underlord ready to respond to a call to arms
Custom Maps
Collection by Tw0F1sh
DotA2/WC3 Maps
Aspect of the Abyssal Boar
Collection by KungFuPanda
Collection by _mvc<b>123
Artifacts of the Earthencore
Collection by BladeofAvilliva
A set for Oracle, inspired by Artifact and made for the 2018 Collectors Cache.
Keeper of the Spring spirit
Collection by Nikey
New set for the Spring 2015!
ThunderSnow - Razor
Collection by Yuri
ThunderSnow set for Razor
Gladiator Warchief - Centaur Warrunner
Collection by Chong
Gladiator Warchief set for Centaur Warrunner
Purified Underknight
Collection by Nikey [
Collection by kt
Lord of Putrefaction
Collection by fat_cap [Rusty Anvil]
Lord of Putrefaction set for Bane
Jade Earthshaker [TI8]
Collection by BaRRacuDA
Spoils of the Obsidian Dragon
Collection by Hunter
[TI8] Medusa - Obsidian Basilisk from Aziyog
Collection by N@ruto
Obsidian basilisk from Aziyog
lord of the Demonic Dream
Collection by WEi-Zi
Our underlord set. Hope you like it.
Fly Feathers(Rubick)
Collection by 2Dan
Frost Djin
Collection by Dr. Robo
Frost djin set for AA
[TI8] Obsidian Avenger
Collection by WEi-Zi
Obsidian Avenger set for Juggernaut (TI8).
Subterranean Worker[TI 8]
Collection by cRazYcat
Subterranean Worker set for meepo a submission for The International 2018 Collector’s Cache
The Imppos King
Collection by Haris
Entropy Mediator
Collection by Ethan Patterson
Robes of the Emerald Forge
Collection by Hudston
Rubick's Emerald Forge set for TI8!
The International Collectors Cache 2018
Collection by TG
More sets for the 2018 Collector's Cache call to arms luna Dizruptor Phantom Assassin Leshrac
Haunted Clairvoyance
Collection by Hawf 
An animated mask single for Rubick
Chieftain of the Ironblade --- Troll Warlord
Collection by YunL
Hi guys, This is our attemp on the troll warlord set --- Chieftain of the Ironblade. If you like it, please give us thumb up. Thank you and happy thanksgiving. http
Stalagmite Crawler
Collection by Nikey [
Nuclear Diggers Team - Techies
Collection by SOLMIR
One day Squee, Splin and Spoon did not like the fact that explosions from bombs were not strong enough and powerful. And then they decided to go to the deep bowels of the earth to find the crystals of force, splitting which gave off tremendous energy. Cr
[TI 8] Darkness Apostate
Collection by Graff ✅
Collection by Hao
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