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The Jeffy Collection (AKA SML Collection)
Collection by Streaky6
All my Jeffy Addons for L4D2. (Also includes some other SML stuff) I'm not making more, since I stopped watching sml. They went from alright to garbage and Jeffy was completely destroyed. Moral of the story: Don't make a derpy and wise-cracking chara
Current Modset 27/01/18
Collection by playdoughNINJA
Collection by Andy Yang
Mods TutoMan
Collection by TutoMan
Mods pack #1 :v
Predators Vs Aliens
Collection by CJBael
Make it Predators 4 Aliens 2 (and friends)! I think this is as complete a transform list as possible, but if you know any other mods then please comment. None of these mods are made by me, so if you like this collection then please go to the creators pag
Left4Dead2 kollektion
Collection by Prototype (GER)
Furry memes
Collection by JC551
Realistic L4D2
Collection by Babaloo
A few mods to make the game feel more realistic and badass. Thanks to the mod creators for the great mods.
Collection by 鬼叔
Dankush's (sort of) Meme Collection
Collection by DankushMemush
This is basically a (handpicked) collection of meme addons. Well, not really. They're technically just addons I picked that would be funny ingame. *NOT FINISHED* (with the collection I mean, i need to find more addons)
Collection by Neptune
Neptunia stuff for Left4Dead2 Collection.
ignore pls
Collection by .soda
Okay But Why Tho?
Collection by Mister Bubbles
For when you want to play Left 4 Dead, but also Really have no sense of civility or taste.
Jeff's L4D2 Workshop Collection
Collection by saki
The best L4D2 workshop mods around!
Bourbon's Requests and Commissions
Collection by Bourbon
Requests done for me and Commissions I've made.
Collection by puuti146
L4D2の画質を従来より底上げする為のアドオンを集めてみました。 Valve's Missing Content Fix は高画質化アドオンではありませんが、エラーが修正できるので入れておきました。
L4D2mods: HD Prettifulness
Collection by iWasntInThisGame
This collection is to help make L4D2 look a little bit more prettiful with some HD mods Note, if you are using the mods in my "L4D2mods: Left 4 Dead 1" collection, do not subscribe/enable the "Team Health Counter" mod within this collection. (Collect
L4D2mods: Custom Campaigns
Collection by iWasntInThisGame
This collection is to simply give you more campaigns to shoot zombies in (Collection art cover by Ryu-Gi on DeviantArt)
The Weeb's Guide to Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by Krackle
go away weebs
My Collection
Collection by Arrivederci☚
no słuchaj
Collection by blu
Essential survival mods
Collection by Rager
Essential survival mods
Collection by WD-40
Kai's Favorite Addons
Collection by ƘɑíƒӀօօƒ
For family & friend usage
Turitz's L2D2 Mod Pack 2
Collection by turitz-steph
Left 4 dead 2 gag mode
Collection by CitySlicker
l4d2 Mods
Collection by TheNoob91
Collection by 一颗子弹解决一个队友
Sinistra 4 Uganda 2
Collection by Mik51
Collection by RedMcro
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