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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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MarioKart Friends
Collection by PancakeDragon
Team Fortress
Collection by adjr21
Center of Apprehension
Collection by Raxxo
Get out of line, or get in line of sight! Even a battlefield needs order, and that is an order!
My favorite workshop items!
Collection by Snort! backstab punch
(Not mine)
Collection by JooJ The Dragon
TF2 stuff
Collection by That Guy Before Tech
Collection by rsagaz321
primitive army
Collection by Red order
only stuff allowed in the primitive army
The Hectic Hellenist
Collection by Corvalho
Set of ancient Greek themed items for the Scout. Featuring 3 items and 2 alternate styles.
Journey to the East Winners
Collection by Metabolic
Cosmetics: 1st Place - Bushido Builder 2nd Place - Kyoto Kasa 3rd Place - Hikeshi Helm Weapons: 1st Place - The Random Treat 2nd Place - Scorcher's Spade 3rd Place - Kawaii Kanabo War Paints: 1st Place - Koi 2nd
Collection by LadyWolf
Different maps from overwatch and like maps
Collection by Liquid
foxes stuff
Collection by FOXDUDE32
(TF2) Chuck's Choice Submissions: Weapons
Collection by Cleric Chucklenuts
Vote on these weapons today to get killed by them tomorrow!
OP's Summer Collection
Collection by OverPovered
Some items of mine for the summer.
The Bomb Lord set
Collection by Vulpes las Lunas
The Bomb Lord's set of cosmetic items.
Syndey Samurai Set
Collection by Vulpes las Lunas
Contains both items of the Sydney Samurai set, for the Journey to the East event
Collection by Wolnir Chumbrus
QuestionablyInsane's Asian Themed Collection
Collection by QuestionablyInsane
Just my humble collection of Asian Themed cosmetics. Expect to see more in this if Journey to the East gets greenlit for TF2!
Slenders forest tf2 stash only epic gamers aloud
Collection by Meme Boy
The Malaysian Mann
Collection by Awan™
Colonizing for the better.
Scorching Samurai
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Samurai Set for Pyro
Big Bob's Big Box
Collection by Big Bob
A collection of items I've created/helped create!
Summer Collection 2018
Collection by Rytu -
Collection of Summer-related Workshop items.
Vacation Medic
Collection by Strno8 / Patrezak
Vacation Medic
Crossdressed crusader
Collection by lucarioaaron
He is a she in the destiny of defending and attacking the empire
Workshop Stuff
Collection by Charlie Milkshake
Girly items
the dankest of memes
Collection by loki gaming
it's neat
Collection by anthonywf07
Fruit's Summer Time Collection
Collection by Fruit
items that I made for future coming updates!
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