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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Medical Mechanica
Collection by Kaymon95
Monsters don't need eyesight, just incredible strength.
Mirrored Maps - Series 1
Collection by Khuntza
Team Fortress 2 maps mirrored as accurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving maps we know like the back of our hands a fresh take. It will mess with your head!
Ice Sniper
Collection by Joey90
You've been standing around so long icicles have formed on your hat, and all over your new rifle.
Collection by Estavos
Okay, sorry. Graffity isn't vandalism! It is an ART!
The Former Pocket Medic
Collection by ZombiePlasticClock
Since the TF2 Importer wouldn't let me upload the Heavy and Soldier variants of this item in one submission, here's a collection with both in it, to make things slightly more convinient.
The Malaysian Mann
Collection by Awan™
Colonizing for the better.
Journey to the East War Paint Collection
Collection by Metabolic
War Paint!
The Cangaceiro (All-Class)
Collection by Corvalho
We created this collection to gather all the 9 entries for all the classes of The Cangaceiro, 8 of them are hidden, so you may not be seeing them.
The Rule Bender
Collection by Colteh
Based off Bender from the Breakfast Club!
Unused Robotized Hats
Collection by ε Θϋϊjå з -{}-
These are hats that were submitted to be part of Robotic Boogaloo, but didn't make it in for one reason or another. All hats are robotized versions of existing hats. I am not claiming ownership of any of these.
The KritzKast Collection
Collection by Agro | KritzKast
KritzKast, the weekly TF2 podcast has brought pleasure to the ears of tens, possibly even thirty or so listeners since we started back in 2008. Now you have your chance to own a little bit of TF2's past present and future in a form that you already know an
The lost Magi
Collection by nano393
Where the heck is that star?
Breathtaking Performance
Collection by goldenjohnson
Winter Wonderman
Collection by Nefnoj
This item set turns the hottest Team Fortress 2 character to the coldest! Both items are fully paintable, which is terrifying if you like Drably Olive. Oh gosh why did I make it paintable. If you're wondering about the Head-related item, it doesn't a
Heyo's maps
Collection by sean
Hey guys, I'm heyo (known for the maps: koth_harvest, cp_egypt, cp_junction). This is a collection of all my non official maps.
Adventurer's Essentials
Collection by Fruit
Explosive Bolts
Collection by Wall-E ߷ East {CS.Money}
Do you miss with the huntsman,well you need this (explodes in 3 secs when shot) (same damage as sniper rifel but if hit on body instant kill)
RetroMike's Jungle Offerings
Collection by RetroMike
The Marauder
Collection by Ludumberg
The Badlands are a big place... Everything's done by Ludumberg
Kaymon's Highest Quality Wares
Collection by Kaymon95
This is the place to go to find all my finest Workshop submissions!
The Unfortunate Teller
Collection by Munchy
I look into my Crystal Ball, and I see me, kicking your ass!
BackBurner's Brim Styles
Collection by FiveEyes
A colletion just to link both texture styles to each other.
The Great White Northerners
Collection by Hawf 
Canada, the marvel that is universal healthcare & beer, a fine country to behold. but you'll need something to keep your head warm, for Canada is far too cold!
The High IQ Collection
Collection by donhonk
To be fair...
CoBalt's Halloween Items 2015
Collection by CoBalt
My Scream Fortress items for the year. Vote them up if you like them!
Ominous George
Collection by Jukebox
Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!
Rhodesian Rifleman
Collection by florida man
Don't bring a shield and spear to a Maxim gun fight
Smissmass Map Bundle
Collection by DanMann
Hey everyone, Thats IT! All the smissmass maps that me and ❄Phenomene❄ have created have been released, we have: ctf_Blizzard cp_Xmaslab and cp_Gorge_Xmas We hope you like all of these, please do subscribe to them all or go and get the BSP files fro
Undead Foot-Soldier
Collection by Psyke
Ancients spirits sure do have it our for our poor sap jane.
Toy soldier
Collection by Hell
Feedback needed
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