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Stop... Burguer Shot!
Collection by Rapoza
Borguer And Fries... or Chips.... batatinhas Both MK.I and MK.II of my Burguer themed warpaint!
.Kirby with a gun
Collection by 404_coffee.exe
the Easy way out
Flux'o Gamble
Collection by Rapoza
"Coils, sparkles, gambling and HEAT. Dive into the war in casino style!" So, this set originally was about time travel, like the Tau'snooker having a clock, then it was a tesla like set... then a handmade set.. and for the last I decided to make it like
nwbu's beautiful collection of his best maps
Collection by nwbu.
Workshop Maps for TF2
Collection by Grey Birb #RemoveRandomCrits
This is a list of maps from the community that I think work quite well together. This does not include memes or odd map types.
tf2 mods
Collection by Oxygen Thief
i love tf2 because THEY ARE BUSS
Le Muerto
Collection by Leimort Sam
Collection by springtrap92
Cool stuff
Team Fortress 2.
Collection by Патрончик
Предметы которые мне понравились.
Jungle update
Collection by seasquidman
Contains content I like for the jungle update.
Collection by Maxzodian
Team Galaxy Force
Collection by CipherPool
My Fanmade Update is TF2 Team Galaxy 2 which is like Super Mario Galaxy & 2 and i'm making a dlc somehow so i'm going to try to make my dlc so this is my collection that I want Valve TF2 to add in too the game so this is what I want for my Update. More
Xelis maps
Collection by Xelily
"horrible maps that wont get added in EVER"
The Crazed Caretaker
Collection by ✨SedimentarySocks✨
All contracts and no cases make Dell a dull mann.
The Bold Baron of Bolton
Collection by Ducksink
A Celtic king set for the demoman. The ancient scriptures say that the king was always acoompanied by his mighty steed Josephos and armed with the brightest head in all of the land it is unclear whether the last part was intended to be taken figuratively
Important Maps
Collection by Rape Grape
A collection of wacky maps, memes and important crap.
really fucking good items
Collection by george
a place for REALLY GOOD items
Proxy Warrior
Collection by Merczy
A Stealthy Item Set for the Scout
Earl's Jungle Fiesta
Collection by Earl de Darkwood
Jungle items I worked on !
War Paint Collection
Collection by Vuluppes
Every war paint that i could find, none made by me.
Pixel's weapon collection
Collection by Pixel
A collection containing my creations!
The Conquest Conmen
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
The tale of two amigos, and their simple plan to scam an entire nation of their wealth, fortune and unusuals.
Boston Confidential
Collection by Sky
Crimes are so much easier to solve when you're the one committing them.
NeoDement's Summer Selection!
Collection by NeoDement
It's all the stuff I worked on for the upcoming (maybe?) summer update! Keep an eye on this collection, I'm planning to add more to it :D
OverPovered's Workshop Selection
Collection by OverPovered
Some select items of mine that I personally like the most.
RTGame's Wacky Custom Maps Collection
Collection by RTGame | That Irish Game Guy
The DVD Boxset of Wacky TF2 Custom Maps. Includes all of the best original ones, curated by that one Irish guy who makes TF2 videos.
The Bomb-throwin' Bulldozer
Collection by Ertz™
"You're up against the wall, and I AM THE FUCKING WALL"
Deity Link's Touhou TF2 maps
Collection by Deity Link
A collection of TF2 maps I've made from 2009 to 2013 which all relate to Touhou Project, a japanese shoot-em up created by a guy called ZUN. Maybe I'll make more once TF2 moves on to Source 2.
The Cursed Map Trilogy
Collection by Whomobile
Turrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbine, 2fooooooooooooooooort, and Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, these weren't the first exaggerated maps to be made, but they were the ones that started the stupid fad.
The Uncivil Servant
Collection by Ducksink These rioters will never see you coming. one glimpse at your eerie police grade armored figure and they'll all go running home to their miserable lives that they're rightfully protesting against. A riot patrol
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