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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Proletariat Patrolmann
Collection by Ron, Eater of Beans
Heavy set
Collection by h-bconstruction
Cool and awesome weapons, cute dog Frankie
Mr. Pablo Warpaint Collection
Collection by Pablo MCPootis
My personal Team Fortress 2 Warpaint Collection.
nwbu's beautiful collection of his best maps
Collection by nwbu.
Team Fortress 2 collection
Collection by Commander
Hats and weapons
Collection by Ziggydo
My Stuff for TF2
Collection by RexTerm | Back On 19/8/18
I don't have to explain this. Will add more in the future.
Collection by Leranox
For Fallout TF stuff
umm...downloads I guess, maybe
Collection by DonutTrumpet
TF2 Frontline Maps
Collection by Zoctar
TF2 Frontline Maps Here.
Nav's Reskin Collection
Collection by nav_generate
A collection of maps used to torture myself and others. Only 6 will be made :)
Collection by sebsalazar2005
trade_funhouse Legacy Versions
Collection by ={LF}= 『Inspector☆Lag』
This will be the location of all versions of trade_funhouse that are compiled, even the unfinished ones.
Amazing stuff
Collection by fangirl
Things that would be amazing in tf2
Chimps Playground Deluxe
Collection by Homovapien | TRADEIT.GG
These are the maps that are given by the community in order to play on the chimps playground effectively and without waiting timers to hop into the game through server downloads, the server downloads are a steady download and take around a minute per map,
Flux'o Gamble
Collection by Rapoza
"Coils, sparkles, gambling and HEAT. Dive into the war in casino style!" So, this set originally was about time travel, like the Tau'snooker having a clock, then it was a tesla like set... then a handmade set.. and for the last I decided to make it like
Team Fortress 2
Collection by jompong.ago
Le Muerto
Collection by Leimort Sam
Collection by mikeoke123
Team-Insanity 2
Collection by JAGMAD_
Get ready for a wild ride. //NOTICE//: I take into account that there may not yet be maps in all the catagories listed yet as it takes a while to find them. This will continually be updated to have more maps in it. This is also planned to be used in my
Stop... Burguer Shot!
Collection by Rapoza
Borguer And Fries... or Chips.... batatinhas Both MK.I and MK.II of my Burguer themed warpaint!
Workshop Maps for TF2
Collection by Grey Birb #RemoveRandomCrits
This is a list of maps from the community that I think work quite well together. This does not include memes or odd map types.
My Favorite TF2 Works
Collection by ApcMax
Deathrun maps
Collection by Uronic
Collection by mathias andersen
Collection by {_*Gjátékmester*_}
Minden osztáy van benne
Team Arctic official TF2 maps list
Collection by - Dravenation - [ArcTic]
Most maps on TF2 will let you automatically download them when you try to join the server. However, if you have trouble joining the server because the current map is missing or won't let you download it, then you can hopefully fix the problem by subscribin
This should be added
Collection by Jumping Buddy
This really should be put in TF2 expect jojo stuff
Whacky maps
Collection by TubeDog
whacky maps
my private server
Collection by turret masterz
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