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Classical Blaze
Collection by Ludumberg
The classic Pyro Set Everything done by Ludumberg
Big Game Sniper
Collection by NeoDement
Sniper's going hunting, or maybe he's a lumberjack. Either way, something's gonna die. Maybe a tree.
The Dead Bomber
Collection by donhonk
Demoman set with a touch of edge.
Chapelaria Ultiduo Medals
Collection by Corvalho
A set of medals for the Chapelaria Ultiduo Tounament.
Flourescent Adolescent
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
"Pyro goes to school" set !
Badass Bandit Pack
Collection by Dusty Showbiz
Wanted in the west for stagecoach robbery, but they cant catch you....cause your too fast!
JZ's collection for gold star'd items
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Just a collection to have the gold star'd items I've worked on together.
What's the matador?
Collection by Norman3D
So after reaching my 200 hours of spy I learned about trick stabs. Specifically one people refer to as "El Matador". Since there are matadors in the south of France, I thought this would be appropriate! I know it doesn't really fit with the usual items o
Collection by [smudge tools away]
"The last thing your victim will see is your dashing ensemble, or might as well look like it when you're dead."
The Sound of Progress
Collection by Norman3D
The Treasure Sniper
Collection by Kaymon95
Treasure huntin's a good job, mate
Mundy Night Combat
Collection by voynich
There's only two things Mr.Mundy is proficient in: Killing everyone he meets, and the practice of Jarate.
Beastly Boston Bulldog
Collection by Sparkwire
"This boston terrier mascot outfit/hood/pants/gloves have been ripped off some big-mouthed guy's unconcious body, and is now being used as a halloween costume. Oh dont look at me like that, costumes are freakin expensive!"
Volcanic Big Man
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Set of 2 volcanic items for Heavy
Arms Race: Heavy VS Pyro
Collection by VernoGuy
This collections features Arms Race Entries for the Heavy and Pyro. Make sure to upvote all your favourites. Check out the contest website for more information at Also [url=
Kind'a Scary Halloween 2015
Collection by Vap
My little humble collection.
Pie_Savvy's Smissmas Smiscreations
Collection by Pie_Savvy
A collection of all my work leading up to the festive season! Featuring stuff for the Nightmare before smissmas because we will never forget halloween ;-;7 Updated whenever something new is added, so keep a look out.
The Cinderin' Timberman 2012 Smissmas Pack
Collection by SgtR007
Pyro has been very naughty, indeed. Includes the Shooting Star (headgear), O 'Todesbaum (miscellaneous) and the Merry Axe-Mas (weapon).
Amateur Alchemist
Collection by RetroMike
Hey kid...wanna learn some magic?
The Headmann
Collection by JPRAS
The Headmann is here, and he's looking to collect some heads!
Seeker of adventures
Collection by Chameleon
-Paintable -Bumpmap -3 LoDs -Team Colors
The Teufort Toymaker
Collection by JPRAS
A set of 2 items for the Engineer based on toymakers.
Heavy's Coats
Collection by Svdl
One with Camo, one without.
Smissmas 2014 Collection
Collection by RetroMike
A gathering of winter items to warm the heart and your appendages.
Exaggerated Maps
Collection by Vector
This collection contains the ridiculously funny, overly-exaggerated & edited Valve maps in TF2. It will be updated when new maps are discovered in the TF2 Workshop. Now with cp_orange! If you're having trouble with loading maps, look in your
Cleansing Flame V.2
Collection by Merczy
A Spooky Plague Doctor Set for Pyro
Gray Gauntlet
Collection by Zuko
A project pushing for new updates to a mode that deserves more updates. Aside from making australiums of every weapon in the game, we have a lot of fresh, cool ideas for the mode that we think will breath a whole new life into MvM. For more informati
The Pyrosaurus
Collection by Gigazelle
A prehistoric Pyro set.
Fragwürdig Doktor Set
Collection by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Bottle Bottom Glasses is paintable. Dental Trouble is facial flexed.
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