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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Vacation Medic
Collection by Strno8 / Patrezak
Vacation Medic
Winter Soldier
Collection by Jukebox
But with twice the arms!
Six Feet Under-Taker
Collection by Corvalho
Proper garments to give your experiments proper burials, or perhaps unbury new ones? Properly?
Exquistie Edition
Collection by OurDarkCloud
This large collection is designed to add the items commented in this pack bellow to be an in game item/modifaction I DO NOT claim any of these items as my own and have choosen the items my self (either from comments or browsing) any items stolen from other
The Forbidden Fruit's Smissmas Collection
Collection by Fruit
Items I have help made for Smissmas!
The Professional
Collection by Colteh
very original name
Toasty Telecom V2
Collection by 2brostudio
Now new and improved, the Toasty Telecom V2 is now live! A festive hat created by 2brostudio and Legos. General changes: -Made texture look a lot better -Paints finally look good for the emblem -Cleaned up geometry
The Lousy Landsknecht
Collection by Kaymon95
Equipment for a Soldier who thinks he's time-travelled to the middle ages
Paintable War Paints
Collection by FailBucket
The Big Idea It's a simple concept, painting something once just isn't enough! We are pleased to introduce the first ever paintable war paint collection! Making use of all 29 in-game paints, These war paints will have full support of the p
The Right Lung of Hell
Collection by Merczy
Rattle your heads! Rattling Respirator includes: -3 LODs! -Paintable Eyes! -Glowing Eyes! -Jigglebones! Chain of Command Includes: -2 LODs! -Paintablility
Collection by ✨SedimentarySocks✨
The Cozy Soviet
Collection by CoBalt
Warm and Fuzzy
The Messenger
Collection by Colteh
Don't shoot!
Sonn of Spy
Collection by Doctor Aibaleet
The Call of Captain Cthulhu
Collection by Dr. Shenanigans
a collection of villanous items for your nefarious deeds, based the man- er monster himself from his namesake mythos by HP lovecraft! a helmet in the shape of the cthlhu himself a massive cape the size of a couch that makes other capes weep in inadeque
Classic Items
Collection by VeteranFruitshop
Top quality and beautiful Weapons, Miscs, Hats and other items inspired by the world of Team Fortress Classic Some have already been added and others still waiting to be approved.
Pyro Chinese Armor Set
Collection by heinous
This is a traditional Chinese armor set for Pyro. It includes a helmet, The Dynasty War Wear; a suit of armor, The Aegis of Empire; and a weapon, The Sinoblade. A third slot for cosmetics is free for the player to be creative with the loadout.
American Pyro
Collection by DeR‎osaJ
He has to return some videotapes
Lucky Lobber
Collection by Yikes
PASS time is cool I guess
Classical Blaze
Collection by Ludumberg
The classic Pyro Set Everything done by Ludumberg
Big Game Sniper
Collection by NeoDement
Sniper's going hunting, or maybe he's a lumberjack. Either way, something's gonna die. Maybe a tree.
The Dead Bomber
Collection by donhonk
Demoman set with a touch of edge.
Chapelaria Ultiduo Medals
Collection by Corvalho
A set of medals for the Chapelaria Ultiduo Tounament.
Flourescent Adolescent
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
"Pyro goes to school" set !
Badass Bandit Pack
Collection by Dusty Showbiz
Wanted in the west for stagecoach robbery, but they cant catch you....cause your too fast!
JZ's collection for gold star'd items
Collection by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Just a collection to have the gold star'd items I've worked on together.
What's the matador?
Collection by Norman3D
So after reaching my 200 hours of spy I learned about trick stabs. Specifically one people refer to as "El Matador". Since there are matadors in the south of France, I thought this would be appropriate! I know it doesn't really fit with the usual items o
Collection by [gaussian blurs away]
"The last thing your victim will see is your dashing ensemble, or might as well look like it when you're dead."
The Sound of Progress
Collection by Norman3D
Jukebox's Halloween Items
Collection by Jukebox
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