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Wolf Pack Clan Mods
Collection by Whisky
A collection of all the mods produced by the WolfPackClan. Why not visit us and our servers via
Whitelist Pack - Killing Floor
Collection by Fire
Collection that contains items on the Steam Workshop that are whitelisted. Don't forget to rate and comment! Download Size of Pack: about 106 MB (105.5 MB) Last updated: December 12, 2014 If you see any whitelisted item that is on the steam workshop
Hotline Miami Music Replacer for Killing Floor (READ THE DESCRIPTION)
Collection by Indigo
NEW VERSION. Part 2 is gone, it's all condensed in this one page now. Read this description fully before you ask any questions. Read the whole damn thing. I'm serious. Replaces 33 of Killing Floors tracks with music from Hotline Miami. Special, holiday,
Killing Floor Skins & Weapons
Collection by Kowalski
KF Lobby Video Replacements
Collection by Alcatraz Zombie
These are mods that will replace the advertisements that play in the lobby. These intros will consist of anime openings and various other videos I happen to like (although it'll be mostly anime openings). I plan to make more intros in the near future so ch
Swift_Brutal_Death's maps
Collection by [TW]Swift_Brutal_Death
Collection of maps
Additional Voice Pack mods
Collection by The coolest Foreskin
Add additional voices to existing characters. They work by client-side modding so no mutators are needed and can be used whenever, where ever. Allows perk progression and achievement unlocking. Certain characters also got fixed portraits and/or more acc
Raccoon International Airport
Collection by Camacho
Battle your way through 3 different gametypes!!! Start your nightmare in Single Player. With a full weapons blazing experience from the film "Resident Evil Degeneration" Continue your journey to the Multiplayer Versions for an even difficult experience
ScrN Mod Pack
Collection by [ScrN]PooSH
Collection of items (excluding maps), which are in use on official ScrN Servers. Subscribe to this collection to skip long downloads before joining the server. This collection is useful for almost every server running ScrN Balance mod.
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