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Weapon Pack - Killing Floor
Collection by Fire
This pack contains weapons which have been created by modders all in one place. Credits to go to the creators of the mods. Don't forget to rate and comment. Download Size of Pack: about 2.92 GB (2988.934 MB) Last updated: August 24 , 2015 Use the '
Designer Ultimate Biohazard
Collection by Mugen
Bienvenu dans mon Workshop / Welcome to My Workshop
Weeaboo Floor
Collection by Caelux
A bunch of weeaboo/anime character skins for Killing Floor.
Olf reskins
Collection by Крэйн
В данной коллекции я буду выкладывать свои переделанные скины для игры killing floor. Инструкция по установке указана в описании каждого скина. Коллекция будет дополняться новыми моими работами, так что следите за обновлениями! --- In this collection, I
Whitelisted & Client Side mods [v1064]
Collection by The coolest Foreskin
If you enjoy playing normal vanilla Killing Floor and TWI's perk system, then here are some mutators that are okay to play with. Client side mods are modifications to a user's game, but only said player can see/hear these changes. These mods also allow
Weapons supported by the WeaponsWorkShop mutator
Collection by BadKarMa
This collection lists all weapons that are supported by the WeaponsWorkShop mutator.
by G@L
Collection by zXz_GAL_zXz
Тут все мои работы! Это и многое другое на нашем сервере Killin Floor
KF - Doom II
Collection by Marco
This is a collectection that contains all of Doom 2 monsters/weapons/items/game mode and some maps ported for Killing Floor. The maps requires the main Doom 2 files to be downloaded first.
Wolf Pack Clan Mods
Collection by Whisky
A collection of all the mods produced by the WolfPackClan. Why not visit us and our servers via
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